Monday, October 13, 2008

News Brief

Adam Grimes scrubs up for NIGHT SHIFT
On playing a gay character on TV: “I actually didn’t know that the character was gay during the audition, which I thought was really interesting. There was nothing specific in the breakdown of the character because they wanted it to be a surprise for the show and the audition material was a bit ambiguous. I felt so comfortable with the executive producer and head writer and so safe with what their intentions were for the role that I felt it was a challenge I was ready to take on. They wanted to portray a doctor first, a human being, a man who happens to be gay, and it’s been a really exciting thing because that’s how I wanted to approach Kyle.”

On working with Chad Allen, who plays his love interest: “I was so excited when he was cast. Being a straight person myself, if the actor was gay and more comfortable with what was happening, it would make me more comfortable. Chad is a fantastic human being. He’s extraordinarily talented. My scenes with him felt so natural and comfortable, and that’s really made my most timid aspects of the show seem like a breeze.”

Korean Star’s Suicide Reignites Debate on Web Regulation
Choi Jin-sil, former star of the soap MY ROSY LIFE, was the closest thing South Korea had to a national sweetheart. So when Ms. Choi, 39, was found dead in her apartment on Oct. 2 in what the police concluded was a suicide, her grief-stricken homeland sought an answer to why the actress had chosen to end her life.

The police, the media and members of Parliament immediately pointed fingers at the Internet. Malicious online rumors led to Ms. Choi’s suicide, the police said, after studying memos found at her home and interviewing friends and relatives.

Those online accusations claimed that Ms. Choi, who once won a government medal for her savings habits, was a loan shark. They asserted that a fellow actor, Ahn Jae-hwan, was driven to suicide because Ms. Choi had relentlessly pressed him to repay a $2 million debt.

Public outrage over Ms. Choi’s suicide gave ammunition to the government of President Lee Myung-bak, which has long sought to regulate cyberspace, a major avenue for antigovernment protests in South Korea.

National Television Awards nominations
CORONATION STREET will battle it out for the most popular serial drama award against EASTENDERS, EMMERDALE and HOLLYOAKS.

MARK HARDING: Great Aunt Myrtle has passed
"That day shall never come again. These weren't 'veterans'. They were HIRED as 'old people', but played on the front burner! Now, soaps no longer play their vets...and they surely don't hire 'old people'. It is our loss."

Who's the most talented celebrity golfer?
Ed Dougherty: I played with [B&B star] Jack Wagner once at the Las Vegas Invitational and he's a great golfer. I remember watching him on TV the year he won the Pro-Am at Pebble Beach.

Jay Haas: Used to be Jack Wagner. I don't know if he is still as good as he was. He used to be a scratch player. I haven't seen him in a long time. You know Michael (Jordan), I guess you consider him a celebrity but I think of celebrity as an actor or actress. I put my vote in for Jack.

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #865
Joseph (former DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Brody Hutlzer) tried to make amends with Teri.

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  1. I like Adam Grimes. He does a great job playing Kyle, but I wish straight actors wouldn't have to keep reminding us they're straight. Adam does this in the interview as well as on his myspace page.

    I give a lot of credit to Doug Savant who played Matt on MELROSE PLACE in the 90s. He never revealed his marital status (or, at the time, that he had 2 daughers) to the press, feeling it would impact how the audience perceived his character. Kudos to Doug.