Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Latest in Soap Videos: Jeanne Cooper Edition

In honor of her 80th birthday, here are some great Jeanne Cooper moments over the years.

EMMY WIN: After eight Daytime Emmy nominations, Cooper finally won this year on her ninth try and gave the speech of the night.

DIVORCE: Phillip Chancellor (Donnelly Rhodes) finds Katherine (Cooper) drunk and pleads with her to sign the divorce agreement. Devastated, she eventually signs the papers ending their marriage which frees Phillip to marry Jill Foster.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Cooper was honored at the 2004 Daytime Emmy Awards along with Rachel Ames, John Clarke, Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, Ray MacDonnell, Frances Reid, Helen Wagner, and the late Ruth Warrick.

TARGET PRACTICE: Don't mess with Katherine Chancellor!

Y&R CELEBRATES 35 YEARS: For the show's reigning queen, veteran actress Jeanne Cooper, it was just another day.

TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: Cooper appears with her son, Corbin Bernsen, in a prime time guest spot.

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