Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Latest in Soap Videos: Election 2008 Edition

We are now just seven days until one of the biggest elections in United States history. Not only has Obama vs McCain made waves in the soap world, so have some of the key propositions in California, Arizona and Florida on gay marriage.

Early and absentee voting has started in many states. If you live in the U.S., please vote and let your voice be heard.

Below are some election videos featuring the daytime community. I have posted some of these before but wanted to consolidate them all in one place.

CBS CARES: ATWT's Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann encourage you to vote. Hansis' character, Luke Snyder, is running for Student Government President in November as well.

ON MY PORCH: Video from the October 1st Daytime for Obama chat at NancyLeeGrahn.com.

DAYTIME FOR OBAMA: Video from the Andrew Christian photo shoot.

BLUE STATE MIND, RED STATE SOUL: Daytime vet Roscoe Born (most recently of DAYS) sings a country/blues/rock song saying "we're all Americans."

WOMEN FOR OBAMA: Video from DAYS' Deidre Hall's "Change Women Need" rally at The Villages in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida. (Hall at 3:51)

NO MOUNTAINTOP: Lauretta Vaughn (ex-Kit, AS THE WORLD TURNS) performed "No Mountaintop" from the new musical "Street Lights" at a benefit concert for Barack Obama in August.


NO ON PROP 8: GH's Carolyn Hennesy and others speak out against California's Proposition 8, which is trying to define "marriage" in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, effectively nullifying gay marriage.

DON'T VOTE: Celebrities try to use reverse psychology to convince you to vote.

TAKIN' IT BACK WITH BARACK JACK: ONE LIFE TO LIVE and Manhattanites star Ilene Kristen sitting in with the Will Galison Orchestra on a song targeting "swing" voters.

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