Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News Brief

On why we don’t see as many characters in a full episode anymore: "That is because of budget. They cannot afford to work people the way they used to work us. I still have real issues with the interiors, personally, because I am an outdoor person. I love being in Peapack, New Jersey, because we have so much room. I don’t necessarily like the interior shooting we do in Peapack. I still have major issues with the studio sets and with the lighting and the sound. I still have issues with why we don’t wear body mics while we are in Peapack. It also limits the directors on how they can move the actors in that wonderful space we have out there."

LoCicero cast on GH
TV Guide reports that Lisa LoCicero (ex-Sonia, OLTL; ex-Jocelyn, LOVING/THE CITY) has been cast as Kate's cousin, Olivia, on GENERAL HOSPITAL. She'll show up for the Sonny/Kate nuptials on Sept. 19 thanks to a secret invite from Sonny.

Pennridge native Erin Torpey celebrates a Homecoming at Puck
"I love acting, it's all I'd ever known, but music was so much more personal," said the Perkasie native and former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress in a recent telephone interview from her home in Los Angeles. "I could act in front of anybody, but to sing a song in front of anybody ... you can't hide behind a character. It's completely different.

"I've even sung the National Anthem at Giants Stadium. That's so easy compared to being in front of 10 people, singing songs you wrote. You can see everybody's face - it's petrifying."

LYNN LICCARD: 1968 - More Than Enough (on OLTL)
"The only thing I would have added is kudos the attention OLTL's writers paid to the details of the times: the pre-remote control television that had to warm up; the incorporation of the 1968 Republican convention; the striking juxtaposition of newspaper headlines when the story came to a close; and, of course, the music."

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