Saturday, September 27, 2008

News Brief

Sabato keeps daytime sizzling
Antonio Sabato Jr. wrote a fitness book called "No Excuses" about staying fit, but it wasn't the writing that sold 300,000 copies. "I go, 'OK, I'm just going to write a book,' and the company that I worked for said, 'We have to shoot pictures.' And then people just kind of bought it for the pictures, which is fine, but I still wrote it, and I still believe everything I said."

In 2006, Sabato Jr. returned to the soaps to play Dante Damiano in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Sabato Jr. eventually quit the series because his storyline was moving too slowly.

This year he has signed on to reprise the role of Jagger Cates on the GH spinoff, GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT.

And he is waiting for his star to shine again. "Actors are always, always working, always going to auditions, trying to get jobs. How do I succeed? You try to be focused, you try to be humble, you try and do your work. That's all you can do and everything else is not up to you."

HOLLYOAKS: Mercedes discovers she may have HIV
Malachy knows he needs to be a brave man this week. He has to tell Mercedes that he may have infected her with HIV, but quite understandably, he's dreading the thought of starting that conversation.

Mercedes soon finds out the truth of her own accord and confronts Malachy about it at the Dog. In full public view she forces him to admit that he may have infected her with HIV.

A distraught Mercedes then seems to hit her self-destruct button, as she's just unable to come to terms with the shock. Jacqui eventually persuades her sister to go for a test, so that she can find out the truth one way or another.

Dunmore native takes home Daytime Emmy for OLTL
One day, not long after becoming the lighting designer for ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Bob Bessoir Jr. was sitting on the show’s set with its director, watching the day’s drama unfold on a monitor. As they chatted, Catherine Hickland, one of the soap’s very attractive blond actresses, passed by.

“You see her?” the director said to Mr. Bessoir. “Make her look good, and you have a job for life.”

What wise counsel that proved to be. Mr. Bessoir has spent the past decade making the soap’s thespians look good, and the industry has finally given him his due.

In June, the former Dunmore resident took home the trophy for Outstanding Lighting Direction for a Drama Series at the Daytime Emmy Awards, which he shared with fellow OLTL lighting designer Scott Devitte. It was Mr. Bessoir’s first win in five nominations.

“Every time you get nominated, it’s a great honor, because that means your peers are nominating you. It was a sense of relief and happiness at the same time,” said Mr. Bessoir, who gave a short, off-the-cuff speech on behalf of himself and Mr. Devitte. “You’re hopeful that you’re going to win but you don’t know. When you win, it’s a great feeling. It’s almost otherworldly.”

Staten Island Philharmonic goes "On the Town" with Kathy Brier Sept. 27
ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Kathy Brier stars in a one-night-only Staten Island Philharmonic presentation of the classic musical "On the Town" Sept. 27. Douglas Leland directs the production with choreography by Kate Valle and musical direction by José Alejandro Guzmán. The evening also features the 25-piece Staten Island Philharmonic.

Arab TV Tests Societies’ Limits With Depictions of Sex and Equality
Many Arabs were shocked and appalled earlier this month when a prominent Saudi cleric declared that it was permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV stations that broadcast “immoral” material.

But the comment, by Sheik Saleh al-Luhaidan, was only the most visible part of a continuing cultural controversy over Arab television. This summer another Saudi cleric denounced the Arab world’s most popular television show ever — the dubbed Turkish series NOOR — calling it “replete with evil, wickedness, moral collapse and a war on the virtues.” He also barred Muslims from watching the series, which portrays the lives of moderate Muslims who drink wine with dinner and have premarital sex.

Saudi clerics have denounced popular soap operas like BAB AL-HARA, which attract enormous audiences during Ramadan.

And last week, as if to provide comic relief, a third Saudi cleric said (in all seriousness) that children should not be allowed to watch Mickey Mouse, labeling the cartoon character a “soldier of Satan” who should be killed.

Molly's Stanton's DO NOT DISTURB first casualty of new prime time season
Fox's DO NOT DISTURB has become the fall TV season's first official cancellation, officially checking out after just three episodes. DISTURB averaged a 1.6 rating and 4 share, and pulled just 4 million viewers in its trio of airings. Writing was already on the wall for the show Thursday, when Fox decided to pre-empted next week's episode in favor of a second 'TIL DEATH seg.

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #859
Rex is upset at Perry's recent behavior.

INTERVIEW: Matt Borlenghi
The new DAYS OF OUR LIVES star appeared on "Stardish Radio" earlier this week.

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