Monday, September 8, 2008

News Brief

Asian actress quits EASTENDERS over producer's snub
EASTENDERS star Zahra Ahmadi walked out of the show after the producers refused to give her an exciting part. Sources have revealed that Ahmadi, who plays Shabnam Masood, left the show as she was barely featuring in new scripts.

"Zahra was really disappointed with the way scriptwriters used her character. You hardly ever saw her on screen. If she had been given exciting scenes she would have stayed for a long time," British tabloid The Sun quoted a source as saying. "Working on EastEnders is a dream come true for any aspiring star. But she began to feel she was wasting her time," the source added.

Zahra's decision comes a month after the BBC1 soap was condemned by race equality chief Trevor Phillips.

Darby Hinton reconnects with his Daniel Boone roots
Darby Hinton starts at the top of the Rowan County Courthouse steps with the camera following him down as he walks to the front sidewalk talking about Daniel Boone. Hinton is serving as host for a history and travel documentary on Boone and all the places his life touched in North Carolina, including Salisbury.

It's a reconnection of sorts for Hinton. From 1964 to 1970, he played the role of Israel Boone, the precocious son of Daniel Boone, in the popular DANIEL BOONE television series on NBC. He later went on to play the role of Ian Griffith on the DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the mid 1980s.

INTERVIEW: former GL and AW star David Andrew Macdonald
"I am sure at some point I will lose the appeal but it's fun and nice to run into fans who know you from the soaps. Especially if you are one that they are watching. Soap operas tell a story and in terms of escaping, watching them is like reading a book."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: DAYS original Kayla, Catherine Mary Stewart
Sweart will be playing Veronica in Generation Gap, a Hallmark Channel Original movie premiering at 9 p.m. Oct. 25.

Former OLTL star Tommy Lee Jones sues studio for $10 million
The veteran actor is suing the makers of No Country For Old Men for $10 million, which he claims he is owed for his role in last year's award-winning crime thriller.

Nikki Finke has additional details at Deadline Hollywood

Killer revealed in Aussie soap OUT OF THE BLUE

The wait is finally over for fans of the much underrated Aussie soap OUT OF THE BLUE, as this week they discover the identity of Philip 'Philby' McManus's killer.

Viewers have followed plot twists and turns for months as each of the characters in the show has come under the spotlight as the potential murderer. Philby was killed after a reunion party when a group of school friends came together for the first time in nine years.

Despite being moved between channels, subject to frequent schedule changes and often pre-empted for summer sport, OUT OF THE BLUE has found a loyal cult audience in the UK and has since been sold to numerous countries around the world. Although the BBC has confirmed that it will not co-fund episodes beyond the initial 130 already filmed, it is not clear if Southern Star in Australia will continue with further series of the soap.

PHOTOS: HOLLYOAKS stars put on their skimpiest threads for Chris Fountain's 21st birthday bash
HOLLYOAKS is known for its good-looking young stars. And actor Chris Fountain looked in his element as he celebrated his 21st birthday surrounded by his glamorous colleagues.

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