Monday, September 15, 2008

Girolamo Visits ATWT

Karl Girolamo, who played Kevin Davis off and on from 2005 to 2007 on AS THE WORLD TURNS, will be returning to the show on October 13th. Kevin was Luke's best friend for years, but the two had a falling out at Raven Lake, when Luke came out to Kevin. Kevin reacted badly and outed Luke to all their friends. Later, Luke had to save Kevin's life when he almost drown. He was taken to the hospital where he apologized to Luke but was basically dropped from the show at that point, and returned for a one day appearance in May 2007 for Luke's prom episode. The two had reconciled their friendship at that point, but it was obvious the show was not going to follow up on their story.

Girolamo told WeLoveSoaps: "I am happy to be working with everyone again. I wont be around for too long but my stuff should start airing the 13th [of October]. It's a great storyline so it should be fun."

Girolamo graduated from college earlier this summer. In his previous ATWT stints, he worked on the show while going to school.

Stay tuned.

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