Sunday, August 31, 2008


Jake Weary is best known to soap fans as the Luke Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS before Van Hansis, and as Kim Zimmer's son. I once sat behind Zimmer and family at a New York Giants game (my Falcons beat the Giants that day) and it was a lot of fun.

Weary had significant story as an aged Luke (he took over for Chris Tavani who is starting his sophomore year of high school this year) getting mixed up in the Julia Larrabee murder case and then the initial stages of Luke's kidney transplant storyline (finished off by Hansis).

Weary's departure from AS THE WORLD TURNS was the cause of some controversy, as the timing coincided with a change in course for the character of Luke, who would be revealed to be gay. Initially, news reports suggested that Weary or Zimmer may have been uncomfortable with the story. Zimmer subsequently told the press that Weary's departure was related to his age (he was 15) and that such a storyline would require a much larger time commitment than originally agreed. Weary wanted to be able to focus on school and make occasional appearances. He played football in high school among other things.

The now 18 year old Weary has since gone on to graduate from high school and is out in California starting his freshmen year of college at California Institute of the Arts where he's majoring in Drama and Music.

One of Weary's other interests is music. He has played in a number of bands. He just released a new song, "Sexual", on his Jake and Weary Million MySpace page.

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