Friday, August 22, 2008

News Brief

Susan Lucci, Already a Winner?
Jarett Wieselman at the New York Post writes: "Rumors as to who will hoof it on the seventh season of DANCING WITH THE STARS have been flying fast and furious - everyone from Dan Quayle to Florence Henderson has been name checked - but in the last few days a seemingly solid-ish list has emerged, it includes Kim Kardashian, Lance Bass, Toni Braxton, Mark McGrath and Susan Lucci.

Now, I am not sure that Susan needs to do this show - last time I checked, she was still a huge star - but I am wondering, if she does sign on, should we just crown her the winner here and now?"

Genie returns to GH
Most fans already know, but just in case you don't: Genie Francis is about to return to GENERAL HOSPITAL as Laura. Genie is 46 now and looks better than ever. She recently lost 40 pounds. Genie will be acting opposite Julie Marie Burman who plays her troubled daughter Lulu.

"They're totally keeping me in the dark, and it's a good thing because you know I have a big mouth," said Francis when asked about her upcoming story.

Originally, this was going to be a short guest starring role, but sources say Genie Francis will be back "off and on" over the next couple months. She has just relocated her family to Los Angeles where GH is taped, so stay tuned.

CBS Paramount Shopping SWINGTOWN to Cable Nets
The on-screen grownups of Swingtown are not the only ones exploring their options, as CBS is courting a new partner for the couple-swapping rookie drama. The show, produced by the CBS Paramount Network Television studio, has had disappointing ratings in its first season on the CBS network this summer. But it has many fans within the company who want to see it return, whether on the broadcast network or somewhere else. So the drama is now being shopped around to potential cable buyers in the event the network does not renew it for a second season.

Emmy may host a MELROSE PLACE reunion
Get ready for some of your ol' favorites to come together at the Emmys next month. Producers are putting together cast reunions to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Emmy Awards including the cast of MELROSE PLACE.

Deep Soap: Problems Solved
The Olympics have managed to do what a seemingly endless series of writer and producer changes haven’t – raise Days of Our Lives ratings. The week of 8/11, the show surged from a 1.9 to a 2.4 in Households, beating all the ABC shows, and jumped from a 1.0 to 1.3 among Women 18-49. The show also regained the #1 spot in Women 18-34.

Kym Ryder and pooch pose for PDSA
Kym Ryder, who plays Coronation Street's Michelle Connor is featured with her dog Charlie in the 2009 PDSA Pet Portraits Calendar.

"Nuke" missing in September?
AfterElton is reporting: "Sadly, we're not going to be seeing much of the boys in September. In fact, after some rather bizarre-sounding developments with [Lucinda] and [Brian] (tip: the boys really should just give up camping for good, at this point) the boys (one in particular) will not be around too much. But my source tells me that it's because of actor scheduling and vacation, and nothing more alarming than that."

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