Thursday, August 28, 2008

News Brief

THOMAS: "We don't need soap opera-watchers right now"
In the three years since Hurrican Katrina, race and class stereotypes have paved the way for New Orleans' so-called "revitalisation". "We don't need soap opera-watchers right now", claimed New Orleans city council president, Oliver Thomas – perpetuating the view that New Orleans' high unemployment rate can be tracked to individual laziness as opposed to the systemic discrimination affecting most of America's inner cities. At the same time, those same forces that demonise poor and particularly black families – for their apparent "dysfunction" – are actively preventing the regrouping of some of the most close-knit black communities in the US.

Advertisers Will Be Able to Get Taste of '90210' After All
Attention advertisers who want an early glimpse at characters like Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor: You can get a sense of what's going to be included in the CW's "90210" remake, despite reports to the contrary.

The fledgling network, co-owned by CBS Corp. and Time Warner, said it has always intended to make the program's content available for marketers who want to determine if the show is suitable for their ads.

"We never said the show would not go through the normal channels. It will be going through the normal screening services before it premieres on Sept. 2," said Paul McGuire, a CW spokesman.

While the CW will not make promotional discs containing individual episodes (also known as "screeners") of its teen drama available to critics or media buyers, it does intend to make the show available to industry monitoring services, such as Media Information Services, that view individual episodes and write reports specifically with advertisers in mind.

Report: Dylan McKay is the father of Kelly Taylor's '90210' child
Writers really want to bring back Dylan McKay, but Luke Perry has said he's not interested in making a cameo on the CW spinoff.

DH Star: I'm looking forward to new grungy look
Glamorous Eva Longoria might always look stunning in real life, but her DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES character is about to get a bit of a reverse makeover. In fact, the petite actress said viewers will see a much frumpier Gabrielle Solis in the new series. She has even blamed her recent slight weight gain, which has set tongues wagging she might be pregnant, on her character's new grungier look.

She said: "Well, I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the show is five years on from the last season - and a lot can happen in five years. My character Gabrielle is now an over-worked mom of two. She is nowhere near the glamour-puss we were used to, but it is so much fun playing frumpy - and I spend so much less time in make-up in the mornings."

Canadian gal's 'Secret' TV life
In London, Megan Park can walk through the malls, visit Richmond Street restaurants and just hang out unnoticed. In Los Angeles, it's a different story for the 22-year-old rising star, who has a leading role in the hit television show, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER.

"I remember the first time I went to the mall after the show came out. Everywhere I went people were coming up to me and asking for pictures. It was total insanity," says Park, who is at her parents' London home for a vacation this month before heading back to L.A. in early September to resume filming. Now I can't go anywhere in the States without someone recognizing me."

Her profile in London and Ontario may change soon with Citytv picking up the first season of SECRET LIFE, beginning Sept. 3.

DAYS' Reynolds for Obama
The United Democratic Headquarters is hosting a viewing of Obama’s acceptance speech at 6 p.m. tonight at the Blair International Baccalaureate Magnet School Amphitheater in Pasadena. The event will be hosted by DAYS OF OUR LIVES star James Reynolds and includes guest speakers, music and a recitation of King’s speech. There will also be on-site voter registration and refreshments. The amphitheater is located on the school campus at 1201 S. Marengo Ave., in Pasadena.

TOM CASIELLO: Drinking the Kool-Aid
"We are paid... in some cases, obscene amounts of money... to, as you guys would put it... 'drink the Kool-Aid'. We get an assignment, and we are given the plot points required of us, and at first glance? We might not like them. In fact, we might downright disagree with them. But our job (be it breakdown or script) is not to argue with our head writers. Our job is to make it work. Sometimes? The writer will dig into history, find a way to make it sound a little feasible. Other times? We can't find a way and just have to throw it out there with no foundation. Which is unfortunate for you guys. But sometimes it happens."

"CSIs" William Petersen & Laurence Fishburne to co-present at Emmys
William Petersen and Laurence Fishburne (ex-Josh, OLTL) will make an appearance together when they present at "The 60th Primetime Emmy® Awards" on Sunday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m.

Other newly announced presenters are America Ferrera, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Williams, who will join the previously named Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Dana Delany, Nicollette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria Parker, Hugh Laurie, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

HOLLYOAKS star joins Soccer Aid lineup
HOLLYOAKS actor Chris Fountain has joined the list of stars taking part in this year's Soccer Aid. Other celebrities recently signed up for the event, which takes place at Wembley Stadium on September 7, include Gethin Jones and Santiago Cabrera.

HOLLYOAKS actors to star at Loaded
HOLLYOAKS stars Max and OB will be appearing in Spalding at the weekend.
The double act will be DJing live and meeting visitors to Loaded nightclub in Westlode Street on Saturday.

The duo – otherwise known as Matt Littler and Darren Jefferies – recently picked up the 2008 Best On-screen Partnership at the National Soap Awards.

DH's Sheridan splits with Bolton
Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have split. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, The split was amicable, said Nicole Perna, a publicist for the pair.

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