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INTERIVEW: Y&R's Sharon Case
“There are lots of conflicts coming up – between Sharon and Phyllis, and also between Nick and Jack, and even Sharon and Jack.”

The Sharon and Jack conflict could have something to do with Jack’s need for vengeance. Nick and Phyllis just wrote an unflattering article, into which Phyllis injected some juicy tidbits about Sharon (unbeknownst to Nick). When Jack and Sharon find out, the claws will come out.

“Obviously, Sharon and Jack don’t like the article. Jack retaliates by doing another interview. Sharon doesn’t want to keep going back and forth, using the magazine for personal vendettas. She just wants it to stop.”

Patient not the only one confused on the NIGHT SHIFT

On the August 12th episode of GH: NIGHT SHIFT, a young woman, Danielle, came to the ER speaking French. She appeared to recognize Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) as her former boyfriend "Jean" who jilted her. In the examination room, Danielle suddenly spoke English and admitted she's from Maryland, but she still thought she was at a bank in France rather than at an American hospital. She later lost her hearing, became frantic and blacked out. The doctors reviewed Danielle's MRI and decide she has Susac's syndrome, a rare brain disorder that causes confusion, and which the NIGHT SHIFT doctors said makes you think you are living in the past. Drake started her on intravenous steroid treatments and she rapidly improved.

Susac’s syndrome is a real condition, first described by neurologist John O. Susac in 1979. "It is characterized by encephalopathy [brain swelling] with bizarre behavior, memory loss and lesions to the white matter of the brain," says Dr. Gary Abrams, associate professor of neurology at UC San Francisco and rehabilitation section chief at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Susac's syndrome also involves damage to the tiny retinal arteries in the eyes as well as the inner ear, and can include sudden hearing loss as well as confusion, though generally not blackouts.

Abrams says that Susac's syndrome "would be a reasonable explanation that is at least in the ballpark" for Danielle's condition, but Dr. Orrin Devinsky, professor of neurology at the New York University School of Medicine and director of the university's epilepsy center, disagrees. "The show combines elements of several psychiatric and neurological disorders that almost never appear together," he says. "The idea of living in the past is pure TV drama."

Queen of Soaps Cindi Rinehart Changing Kingdoms
One of the longest running soap talk shows and an afternoon mainstay in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, depicting part soap opera information and part talk has been canceled. NORTHWEST AFTERNOON will have its final curtain call on August 28th according to news reports.

However, with that announcement comes some great news for fans and followers of Cindi
Rinehart – Queen of Soaps. The Emmy award-winning host of NORTHWEST AFTERNOON
has partnered with Tacoma-based Two Dogs Barking Productions and will be moving her
show to the web. After 24 years on Seattle’s KOMO-TV, technology has made it possible
to move Cindi’s highly-rated, successful show to the World Wide Web with even better
viewing capabilities. Her new web site will continue to feature
interviews, daily updates and scoops as well as behind-the-scenes. The site will also be able to offer flexible viewing and archived posts and clips as well as a forum outlet for fans to gather.

“I thank all fans who have followed me for my amazing 24 year run on NORTHWEST AFTERNOON,” comments Rinehart. “I am truly grateful to my past producers and my fans
and I am excited to be moving to the web to stay connected with my audience and
continue to expand my reach.”

HOLLYOAKS' Jennifer Metcalfe in Costa nightclub gun terror
HOLLYOAKS beauty Jennifer Metcalfe was yesterday caught up in a terrifying shootout at a nightclub. The star and other partygoers dived for cover as two British men were gunned down in the early hours. A third man suffered minor injuries. All three were taken to hospital and were last night believed to be recovering well. Former BIG BROTHER stars Ziggy Lichman and Brian Belo witnessed the attack.

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #851
Hannah runs into Dylan at Murphy's Law.

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