Friday, August 15, 2008

Evening News

Deep Soap: All The Drama Your Computer Can Handle
"At the risk of sounding serving, right now the real action in daytime is happening on-line. That’s where all the behind-the-scenes drama is revealed. That’s where viewers can watch classic soap episodes. The internet is also filled with original soap content. GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT features weekly webisodes about the characters of Claire and Kyle. Last year, NBC experimented with an original on-line soap COASTAL DREAMS, written by current DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-headwriter Rick Draughon. Josh Griffith wrote an on-line miniseries for, L.A. DIARIES about the adventures of The Young & The Restless’s Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and As The World Turns Alison (Marnie Schulenburg) in Los Angeles. Now, daytime veterans are producing their own series for the net. All My Children alumna Eden Riegel stars in the on-line hit IMAGINARY BITCHES. Next week GENERAL HOSPITAL writer Karen Harris is launching LIFE IN GENERAL, an original series about a fictional soap opera."

INTERVIEW: One-on-One with Corbin Bernsen
"I like the fact that I continue to work. I don't think I'm ever fulfilled. I'm an artist and I don't think the canvas will ever be finished. It's always sort of a search. Every actor, and I don't care how big they are, we all worry about what the next thing is going to be. Not so much for a paycheck, I mean if you make $20 million for a picture you should be able to figure that much out. But there's this ego connection, and not in a bad way. It's what drives us to do these things and that's never really satisfied. So a more fulfilling career? I don't know. But it's led to a more full career."

Soap Stars in the "Photo File"
Theater Mania put up some photos from the past week which include ATWT's Billy Magnussen's opening night in "Paper Dolls" and ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Jason Tam looking very western.

ATWT's Lauretta Vaughn in "Street Lights For Obama"
Street Lights For Obama, a one-night-only benefit concert of Joe Drymala's new hip-hop/pop musical Street Lights, will premier this Sunday, August 17th at 8pm at The Zipper Factory. Lauretta Vaughn, of CBS' AS THE WORLD TURNS joins the company along with Lelund Derond Thompson, Jasmine Torres, Jason Michael Miller, Jhon Christopher, Jose Luis Trujillo, Ebony Hood, and Markita Prescott.

RICK SPRINGFIELD: He's still a working class dog
"Springfield still retains his dreamy good looks even as he approaches an age where many of his peers are addressed as Grandpa."

A Martinez and Hector Luis Bustamante team up for poignant story
A Martinez and Hector Luis Bustamante, stars of the Lifetime Movie Network film Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story, came to acting in different ways.

Martinez was drawn to acting for the company he would keep.

"I became an actor for the least noble of reasons," Martinez says during a party at the Beverly Hilton. "I wanted to be around the girls I met doing plays. When I was in high school, I noticed the females who were doing plays were the most interesting, the most accessible and fun of any females I had ever been around."

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