Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Evening News

INTERVIEW: OLTL star Michael Easton
Nelson Branco interviewed Michael Easton (John, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) for TV Guide Canada.

"Look at GOSSIP GIRL, they are on the cover of every magazine in the country, but we [attract the same ratings] five days a week. It’s kind of interesting. I certainly think more people are watching soaps than the Nielsen’s suggest. Having said that, daytime needs to stop telling the same stories over and over again. We need to challenge our audience so we can engage them. PORT CHARLES certainly did that. There's one good thing about facing cancellation and that's you tend to be riskier and more creative."

Nielsen launches TV ratings blog
Nielsen has launched a new blog with regularly updated ratings and other stats on media and branding. Nielsen keeps a lot of their research proprietary, of course, but for media numbers junkies, it's a nice all-on-one-page general resource.

Mark Consuelos to marry Howard Stern
Yes — Mark Consuelos, the former ALL MY CHILDREN actor and husband of Kelly Ripa, is getting ready to marry Howard Stern. That is, to Beth Ostrosky. The wedding is set for October, although sources are buzzing that Howard and Beth may have some kind of civil pre-wedding this weekend in the Hamptons.

Mark is an ordained minister. He may have become ordained just for this reason.

INTERVIEW: B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
"I look at everything. I watch the episodes that I've missed. I have to keep up. Some people say it's bad, but I read the comments [on the message boards]. I absolutely love it--good, bad or indifferent. The Bloggers help me out. They're awesome. And like I said, good, bad or indifferent--you know, when I just started out I was here a week and got thrown into this and [I was] shooting like crazy and I needed to keep up. I was reading [the B&B anniversary] book because the fans know [everything]."

More on the Ronn Moss engagment
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL star Ronn Moss announced he is tying the knot with model/actress Devin Devasquez.

The actor, who for the past 21 years has been known as Ridge Forrester on the hit soap, and Devasquez, who made a name for herself as a Star Search $100,000 spokesmodel, have set a date for next year. The couple met through fellow actor Lorenzo Lamas.

INTERVIEW: DAYS star Alison Sweeney
On Sami's true love: "I suppose this is a very controversial question. I personally think Sami and Lucas truly love each other, but obviously a lot has gone on between them that has pushed them apart. Right now, they are writing Sami more focusing on EJ. It’s always fun to work with James Scott (EJ). He is enchanting."

On Xanadu: "I was embarrassed by it. I love the music, but the script wasn’t very good, it was not well received upon release, but people enjoyed it and it attained a different kind of status after that."

Fashions of the 1980s are back
Marc Jacobs is showing what is being artfully called an "architectural" shoulder. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are back, as is Members Only, with a spruced up, haute-er line that includes metallic jackets and "liquid leggings" available at the hipster-basics chain American Apparel. Fergie and Rihanna are now sporting the brand formerly most associated with Tony Geary, then the soap scene's biggest star as Luke from GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Jennie Garth "bummed" that Tori Spelling has pulled out of 90210
"[The press thinks] we're at war over salary with Tori. I didn’t know I was at war with Tori," she tells EW. "I'm really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show."

Usher to Headline Free NYC Concert on September 4
R& B superstar Usher (ex-Raymond, B&B) will be part of a free concert on Thursday, September 4 in New York City's Columbus Circle to help kickoff the new football season. Parts of the concert will be shown live on television before that night's game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins.

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