Friday, July 4, 2008

News Brief

Happy Fourth of July! Today's US soap schedule
DAYS OF OUR LIVES — pre-empted for Wimbledon coverage

All new episodes

ALL MY CHILDREN — repeat of the Feb. 18 episode where Jesse and Angie reunite and Erica is arrested at the "Go Red" fashion show.
GENERAL HOSPITAL — repeat of the May 1 episode, featuring Nikolas and Emily's last dance.
ONE LIFE TO LIVE — repeat of the May 9 episode. Snoop Dogg is in the house.

GUIDING LIGHT barbecue offers coal comfort
Rick isn't up to throwing the annual July 4th Bauer barbecue today on GUIDING LIGHT because his wife, Beth, dumps him for the wealthier Alan Spaulding.

"Beth decides to go with the guy with the sheckels," says Michael O'Leary, who plays hard-luck Dr. Rick Bauer.

"You're looking at a guy who's lost his medical license five times, had a heart transplant and has been basically living in a hotel that makes the Motel 6 look like the Four Seasons," says O'Leary. "I don't know why she would make that choice."

Josh and Cassie host the barbecue instead, and Beth persuades Rick to go with her anyway.

"Isn't that sweet?" says O'Leary. "At least it's not emasculating. 'Rick, you're a lousy lover, and you can't support the lifestyle that I've become accustomed to. Let's go have a Ball Park Frank and forget about the whole thing.'"

As always, the whole town shows up. This year, "GL" filmed the scenes on location in Peapack, N.J. "There's Rick flipping the burgers, fresh from being dumped," says O'Leary.

Y&R goes live with Dr. Drew & Stryker on "Loveline"
On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS episode airing on July 23, Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) seek help from Dr. Drew and Stryker when they call in to the radio talk show "Loveline" to try to sort out their complicated relationship. Things get out of hand as Daniel and Amber rehash all of the events they have been through over the past year.

In conjunction with this episode, Frantz and Graziadei will be live guests on the real syndicated radio call-in program, which offers medical and relationship advice to listeners, on Monday, July 21 from 10 p.m. to midnight Pacific Time. The show will air on the East Coast the following day.

VIDEO: Interview with DAYS star Blake Berris
Blake Berris talks with Melissa The Intern about his work on DAYS, theater acting and his best friend the opera singer.

OLTL's Kassie DePaiva speaks
"So the divorce is final and both can move on. Todd does treat Blair badly and I don't agree that Blair treats Todd just as badly. How can you even think that Cathy? I don't know how long the pairing will last with John and Blair but I do think it is interesting to watch. I enjoyed the work up to this point with Michael and I think they have written it well. Blair brings out a fun side to John and he is kind to her. Something she has not had since she was duped by Spencer. (that was for you s. luva)I'm sure once he finds out Marty is alive and well...he will reconsider what he has with Blair... just as Todd is doing now. It all makes for good soap opera and great quadrangle plot lines. I'm really excited Susan Haskell is back and can't wait to get in her face and have fun. Just because Todd and Blair have chosen to divorce... yet again... it does mean you won't have some great Todd and Blair scenes.

I just want to get back to working again. Not on the canvas much this summer...they are writing a different story that does not include Blair."

EMMERDALE's Clive Hornby dies aged 63
Actor Clive Hornby, who played farmer Jack Sugden in the soap opera EMMERDALE for nearly 30 years, has died, ITV said on Friday. He was 63. The Liverpool-born actor was the longest-serving cast member in the show's history. He had taken a break from the series in January due to ill health.

Producer Anita Turner said it was a "devastating loss" and the cast and crew were deeply saddened.

"Clive will be greatly missed by everyone who has worked with him on 'Emmerdale' during the past 28 years."

Stephen is HOLLYOAKS latest hunk
Hunk Stephen Uppal has moved from Huddersfield to a starring role in HOLLYOAKS. The actor has just landed the part of new boy Ravi Roy in the hit Channel Four soap. Stephen, 26, started filming Hollyoaks in Liverpool in May.

A storyline no soap can clean
Full details have yet to be released, but it's believed EASTENDERS' Bianca's 15-year-old stepdaughter Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty, will be the victim and her stepfather Tony, who has yet to make his first appearance in the soap, the perpetrator.

BLOG UPDATE: Michael Fairman
"Today was a day that shall live in soap opera history! As Oakdale celebrated it's version of Gay Pride, soap fans, NUKE die-hards, and ATWT's viewers, were treated to a truly memorable episode and should take PRIDE."

Liveblogging ATWT: The Rainbow Reconnection
AfterElton's live recap of Thursday's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

BLOG UPDATE: Mala Bhattacharjee
"I'd be remiss in letting the week go by without squeeing about AS THE WORLD TURNS' Cyndi Lauper-palooza with Noah and Luke. So, "squee!" But since I was actually on set watching most of it get filmed, I was interested in seeing what else would go on in the episode. Not nearly as squeeful as Luke being sung to by La Lauper? Holden and Carly continuing their "we're not dirty cheaters, we swear!" fa├žade at Lily's cookout. To add insult to injury, Mike, one of Carly's most notorious ex-lovahs, was there, too. It's a wonder Carly could down a beer and barbecue without choking on her hypocrisy. Fortunately, Henry and V. were around to provide comic, costumed relief. Anyone who thinks Nuke kissing (twice!) isn't for the faint of heart just needs to playback Henna's dialogue from behind that Al's counter. It's faaaar more scandalous. All that talk of crossing the Delaware and cherry trees...? Who'dathunkit, but American history is dirty."

TV Squad Soap Report: Evil abounds
"Evil on the soaps is, well, a necessary evil. You can't have characters who are happy and blissful all the time. You need the selfish, the greedy, the vengeful, all those evil types to keep the stories interesting."

Y&R goes on location to Paris
The popular, multiple-award-winning daily soap LES FEUX DE L'AMOUR (aka THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in the U.S.) will be shooting in Paris for the program's first-ever on-location shoot in France. While the specific actors participating in the Parisian story line are yet to be confirmed, the week of filming is scheduled for October 2008. The on-location shoot precedes the series' upcoming 20th anniversary of airing in France.

DAYS hairstylist (and Santa Fe Springs resident) surprised by Emmy win
The third time was the charm for Santa Fe Springs resident Margie Puga recently when she won an Emmy for her work on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. The longtime hairstylist to regular folk and movie and television stars received her in a ceremony in New York two weeks ago.

"It was such a surprise," Puga, 61, said Wednesday from the set of THE BIGGEST LOSER, where she also does work.

"I didn't expect it, because I had been nominated the previous two years," she said.

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