Friday, June 20, 2008

Evening News

It's [Night]Time For The Daytime Emmys!
"Whatever the reason, the awards show that honors the best in daytime programming (which, if you watch soaps lately is something of an oxymoron) has always had its share of, well, drama. In some of the previous 35 years, the show has been charged with sloppy ballot procedures, has been boycotted by one network or another, allowed the results to be printed in a newspaper before the event, thus killing the suspense of who would name it.

Tonight, no such drama is expected. Just a good old fashioned fight between many of the genre's most venerable and vetted programming. The Daytime Emmys also pay tribute to talk, children's, court and game shows."

Daytime Emmys To Mimic Golden Globes
The Daytime Emmys are turning to tables.

Friday's live broadcast of the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on ABC will feature talk show and game show hosts, TV judges and soap stars gathered around their own tables in a new setup similar to the Golden Globe Awards.

"Usually everyone is sitting in a row," co-host Sherri Shepherd told The Associated Press before rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre on Thursday. "This year, it'll be like a wedding. We're also going to do something so that fans will be able to get a view of what's going on at the different tables."

Digital video cameras will be placed at each table and attendees will be asked to document their experiences during the show. Throughout the ceremony, the footage will be uploaded to

Daytime Emmys: Tables + booze + cameras = promise?
Entertainment Weekly's Mandi Bierly: "I haven't watched the Daytime Emmys since Susan Lucci actually won one, but I might tune in tonight (ABC, 8 p.m. ET, with hosts Cameron Mathison and Sherri Shepherd) to see the new format. It involves tables à la the Golden Globes, an open bar, and a 50 percent chance that someone will become a viral video star."

Deep Soap: Soap Net Pre-Emmy Party Part 1
Sara A. Bibel hit the red carpet Thursday night to interview a bevy of soap stars, clad in their finest cocktail attire.

INTERVIEW: Face-to-Face with Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann
Hansis: "I feel like when we have scenes where they're fighting, we often have really good meaty scenes and those are great. We both like those. But we have a blast working together so we could both be wanting to kill each other, Luke and Noah could be wanting to kill each other like I guess Mr. and Mr. Smith type thing (laughs) or having a love in. It doesn't matter."

Soap Opera Weekly's Mala Bhattacharjee hands out her own awards
Awards include "Character Who Could Throw Me a Prom Without Me Frothing" and "The Dorian Gray Portrait-in-the-Attic Award."

SHOCKER: She's Back, OLTL's Tess That Is
Jessica buries Nash this week on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and the grief is unbearable. So difficult, in fact, that Tess emerges to help out. However, the party girl isn't all fun and games this time.

Antonio Sabato Jr. to return to first soap role
Antonio Sabato Jr., who rose to fame as Jagger on GENERAL HOSPITAL, will step back into the role for the first time in 13 years. He will being Jagger back for the GH spinoff NIGHT SHIFT which airs for three months in the summer on SOAPnet. It's going to be annoucned during tonight's Emmy telecast on ABC.

Another Strike in Hollywood?
Just four months after a 100-day writers' strike ground Hollywood to a halt and cost the state of California more than $2 billion and 27,000 jobs, the movie business is once again facing the possibility of a strike — this time by actors. The anticipation of labor unrest in July has kept studios from starting production on any big films since April, while TV productions are working double-time to get as many episodes of their fall shows in the can as possible.

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