Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Evening News

GUIDING LIGHT writer reshuffle
Christopher Dunn, Lloyd "Lucky" Gold and Jill Lorie Hurst have been appointed Headwriters of broadcast history's longest running program, GUIDING LIGHT, as announced today by the show's Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler. Dunn, Gold and Lorie Hurst will join current Headwriter David Kreizman to create two new headwriting teams that will work together to bring their vision to the screen.

"I am thrilled about the new roles that David, Jill, Chris and Lucky will play on the headwriting teams at GUIDING LIGHT," said Wheeler. "Since GUIDING LIGHT adopted its revolutionary new production model at the start of the year, we have made major changes to nearly every aspect of how we produce the show. I believe that appointing collaborative headwriting teams will help to expand the show's vision and storytelling ability in this new model. Our new headwriting teams are made up of extraordinarily talented individuals who all respect the rich history of GUIDING LIGHT and are all very dedicated to mining that history for the future success of the show."

Kreizman joined GUIDING LIGHT in 1995 as a Production Intern and during his time with the show he has worked as a Production Coordinator, an Associate Producer and began writing scripts and breakdowns for the show in 1997. Kreizman became Headwriter in 2004. Kreizman lives in New Jersey with his wife Natasha, who he met working at GUIDING LIGHT, and their two children.

Dunn joined GUIDING LIGHT in 1999 and was Co-Headwriter from 2001 - 2002. He began his daytime career as a breakdown writer on Santa Barbara and has also worked on the writing teams of Sunset Beach and General Hospital. Dunn has been married to Catherine Sedwick for 17 years. The Dunns live in California with their 11 year-old daughter Emma.

Gold began his writing career playwriting at Edward Albee's summer workshop in Montauk. Gold's plays have been produced at the Eugene O'Neill Foundation, the Seattle Rep and McCarter Theatre among others. He has written extensively for film and television including work on Marvin's Room and Shakespeare in Love. Gold is co-creator of the PBS American Mystery Series, produced by Robert Redford and Rebecca Eaton. In daytime, he has written for One Life to Live, Another World and GUIDING LIGHT. He joined GUIDING LIGHT in 2001 and has been with the show ever since. Gold lives in New York City with his wife, daughters and their dog.

Jill Lorie Hurst joined GUIDING LIGHT in 1994 and spent her first five years as a writer's assistant. During that time Lorie Hurst was partnered with then assistant producer David Kreizman to write a couple of sample scripts for the show. Jill decided to keep her assistant job and wrote part time, while David went on to write full-time. Shortly thereafter, Lorie Hurst was made a script editor, a job she's held on and off depending on the needs of the writing team and executive producer. In May 2007 Lorie Hurst was named Story Producer when the writing team was reorganized. Lorie Hurst lives in New York City with her husband Tony Hurst, their dog Scout and cat Molly.

INTERIVEW: Eden Riegel is no Imaginary Bitch

"Everybody on ALL MY CHILDREN has been so supportive and they are watching [Imaginary Bitches], so that’s so great. We try to get Cameron (Mathison) and we’re still hoping to. We were best friends growing up, it’d be really fun to get him in there too. We just know so many good actors, there just aren’t enough roles for them, so we’ll have to keep doing episodes so we can get them all in there."

Deidre Hall hosts radio show
Deidre Hall, Marlena on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, is co-hosting Clout!, a radio show accessible online at www.AirAmerica.com, Mondays through July 14. Hall provides commentary on an inspirational book entitled "The Power of Now."

Tutti Frutti Y&R Wedding
Little Richard performs a shocker of a wedding — Jeffrey and Gloria's elopement — on YOUNG AND RESTLESS June 30. This isn't the first soap wedding the legendary entertainer has performed — he officiated at Nora and Bo's nuptials on ONE LIFE TO LIVE in June 1995.

Liveblogging ATWT: The Break-Up
Brian Juergens at AfterElton provides his blow by blow account of today's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

DAYS to tell autism story
Beginning on the June 24 episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Dr. Lexie Carver (Renee Jones) and Commissioner Abe Carver (James Reynolds) will learn that their 3-year-old son has autism. The story will be based on the real-life experience of Days head writer, Dena Higley and her family.

Eddie Cibrian and other men aging really, REALLY well
"I think we all have to admit that Cibrian is one of those fortunate actors who will only be getting better roles (and better looking) with age."

Peter Bergman: "I passed out" during daughter's birth
"Both [kids] were C-section deliveries, but when Connor was born, dads weren't allowed in the delivery room during the procedure. Three years later, it was okay, but I wasn't much help because I kind of passed out. I didn't handle the blood terribly well. At one point, [my wife] Mariellen said, 'Can we make at least this part about me?'"

Y&R's Tammin Sursok on moving to L.A.
"Having been on HOME AND AWAY for so long you think everything comes quite easily, but there are so many talented people in Los Angeles and you have to completely start again."

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