Friday, June 27, 2008

Eden Riegel to Co-Host Cooking Show

Following the smashing success of Eden Riegel's online show IMAGINARY BITCHES, comes word of another project for the busy star.

Riegel will be appearing in a new online reality show, COOKING TO GET LUCKY, co-hosted with reality TV star, Bob Guiney (DATE MY HOUSE, THE BACHELOR). Riegel and Guiney teach guys how to prepare fast and easy, yet incredibly impressive, recipes for their dates in the hopes of "getting lucky."

COOKING TO GET LUCKY premieres on mDialog later this summer. But a cool twist to the series is that viewers can get involved by submitting their own videos – pleas for help from those who find boiling water a challenge or the college kid turned young professional who knows his dates won't be impressed by his current culinary repertoire of ramen noodles and takeout. Check out this clip of Riegel and Guiney to learn more.

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