Thursday, May 29, 2008

News Brief

VIVA HOLLYWOOD winner Berto Colón trashes VH1 show and guests on ATWT
Berto Colón is mad at VH1’s VIVA HOLLYWOOD even though he was named last Sunday the reality show’s first Número Uno Telenovela Star. Colón, a 35-year-old Puerto-Rican bartender who lives in the Bronx, was the only of 12 contestants to survive the seven deadly sins of telenovelas — passion, lust, charisma, drama, fire, seduction and scandal.

"I am completely overjoyed. It’s almost unbelievable," said Colón.

But his win, which includes a breakout role on an upcoming Telemundo telenovela, didn’t come without its share of personal drama.

Colón says the show’s producers made it seem like he was doing more than laying in bed with fellow-contestant Giselle. "I never touched that girl," Colón says.

"They didn’t accurately portray that I was just lying there and that really pissed me off. I have a 10 year relationship that I’ve worked hard to have. I’m certainly not going on national television to humiliate the love of my life."

Colón is currently shooting in Brooklyn a guest role on CBS’s “As the World Turns,” which will air on July 3 (the same day as Cyndi Lauper's guest appearance)

AUDIO: Interview with GH's Megan Ward
Megan Ward stopped by "Buzzworthy Radio" last night to discuss her role as Kate on GENERAL HOSPITAL and talk with fans.

PROJECT RUNWAY contestant to create Heather Tom's Emmy gown
Season 4 PROJECT RUNWAY contestant Jack Mackenroth, who admitted to being HIV positive, has been asked by actress Heather Tom to design her gown for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Mackenroth had stepped down as a contestant on the hit TV show for medical reasons. He stayed on the show for only 5 episodes but that was enough for Tom to be impressed with his designs.

Tom, 32, has asked the designer to create a couture gown for her to wear on the awards show on June 20. She is nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actress category for her role in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL as Katie Logan.

After the awards show, the dress will then be auctioned off to benefit AIDS charities and to promote National HIV Testing Day.

Tom's rep has been quoted by as saying, "Heather wanted to do something special to celebrate her 12th nomination and met with Mackenroth to have him design a one-of-a-kind gown for her Emmy moment."

"The pair also decided to help their many friends with HIV, and auction the dress off to benefit three HIV/AIDS charities - amfAR, National Association of People with AIDS, and San Antonio AIDS Foundation."

Tom adds, "We both wanted to make this more than just an evening gown - we wanted to make a statement."

Mackenroth has been HIV positive for 17 years since his diagnosis in 1990. He is currently working on his memoir.

Massage skills make Chris Brazier a hit with RIVER CITY cast
RIVER CITY hunk Chris Brazier has a secret talent that makes him incredibly popular with his fellow actors.

The 28-year-old former Dream Team star is a trained sports therapist and masseur, but his skills are only ever called upon these days by tense and aching cast members.

He said: "It does make me popular with other actors, especially when I am doing a play. When I am not on stage, you can usually find me in the wings giving someone a massage, but that's the only time I really use it these days. I only did it to give myself a way of funding my way through drama school and because it is always good to have something to fall back on. By the time I had finished my A Levels, I knew I wanted to become an actor. But as all my friends were away travelling and things, I decided to stay on at college for a while and do a qualification in sports therapy and massage to give me a way of earning some cash. Thankfully, I think my acting career is now well enough established that I won't need it again, except to help other actors, that is."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Former DAYS star Mike Farrell
In 1968, Farrell debuted on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, turning a recurring architect character into a steady two-year role that would land him a lead role on the CBS medical drama THE INTERNS. With his political conscious steadily growing, Farrell insisted his hospital character wear a peace sign, which pushed the envelope for a 1971 primetime show.

THE INTERNS only lasted two years, though Farrell impressed CBS officials, who hired him as a replacement for the disgruntled Wayne Rogers for season four of the hit show M*A*S*H.

The "Real" Euthanasiast?
In "The Euthanasiast," Monika Schneider stars as the mysterious euthanasiast whose testimonials illuminate her relationship to the living and those who wish to die. Schneider recently replaced ALL MY CHILDREN actress Sabine Singh in the role of the euthanasiast. Singh, who departed the production due to scheduling conflicts, had originally been announced to appear in the title role.

EVENT: Health fair to feature soap-opera star visit
Venezuelan soap-opera sensation Ricardo Garcia will be in Town Square on May 31 to host the Spring Fest and Health Fair, the first of its kind aimed at bringing medical screening and advice to elderly minorities in town.

Amid the entertainment from Garcia, a disc jockey and various musical groups, rows of tables and mobile labs will be stationed to provide free screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, skin analysis, bone density and dental health.

Lynette Whiteman of Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey said enough materials for 300 people will be available, though a turnout estimate is impossible.

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