Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Predictions: Who'll be nominated for Daytime Emmys?
Matthew Cormier at The Envelope reveals who he thinks will reap bids when nominations are unveiled Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. ET on THE VIEW.

P&G lets consumers act as media planners
AdAge is reporting: The nation's largest advertiser is inviting consumers to weigh in on its controversial media decisions.

Last week, Procter & Gamble set up an option on its main consumer toll-free line in response to a drive from a coalition, dubbed Enough Is Enough, that was urging the company to stop sponsoring hip-hop programs on MTV and BET laced with profanity, liberal doses of the "N word," and scenes the group believes degrade and objectify women.

This week, P&G set up a second toll-free option asking callers to register support or criticism of the "story line" on AS THE WORLD TURNS, from P&G Productions, which featured fairly passionate kisses between daytime TV's only gay couple.

While it's natural to expect complaints to outnumber support on such lines, that may not necessarily be the case. The American Family Association, which asked people to call P&G to protest the gay kissing scene, isn't the only one weighing in on Luke and Noah's love life.

Celebrity gossip site PerezHilton.com this morning posted a reference to the "Nuke" controversy, urging readers to call P&G's hotline in support of the couple. By this afternoon, Kip Williams, a blogger on the HuffingtonPost.com, also had weighed in, also asking readers to call P&G's hotline in support.

Perez Hilton, with an Alexa traffic rank of 430 indicating daily visits by 2.6 million people worldwide, and the Huffington Post, with an Alexa rank of 687 and around 2 million daily visitors, would appear to carry more weight in popular culture than Donald Wildmon, whose AFA.net site has an Alexa rank of 59,596, indicating daily visits from around 30,000.

Daytime TV and the homosexual agenda
Kip Williams blogs on the Huffington Post: Most of the time, I judge people who watch soap operas. And I work hard to make sure everyone around me knows that I'm too good to watch TV. But the American Family Association is dragging me out of the closet again.

Ok, ok...I do have this one guilty obsession: the CBS soap opera As the World Turns has been developing a love story between two men, Luke and Noah. And someone (God bless him!) has been recording just the segments of the show that pertain to their relationship and uploading them to YouTube. Currently, it's broken into 160 parts, and I am SO hooked!

Over the course of Luke and Noah's relationship, CBS has only shown the couple kissing three times, as opposed to the HUNDREDS of kisses between all the heteros. Each time they kiss, the AFA rears its ugly, homophobic head and organizes a bunch of bigots to contact sponsor Procter & Gamble to complain. After the recent kiss on April 23, the AFA is asking P&G to completely remove Luke and Noah from the show. So this time, we're fighting back.

Liveblogging ATWT: This house ain't big enough for the three of us
Brian Juergens' live recap of Tuesday's show.

Jason Segel's spreading the love with Adrienne Frantz
Jason Segel may have gotten his heart broken in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but he's getting nothing but love in real life. Segel was spotting playing tonsil hockey with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS starlet Adrienne Frantz at Bar Marmont in LA last week. "It didn't look like he'd be forgetting her anytime soon," laughed one spy.

EVENT: Kathy Brier and Friends
"Kathy Brier and Friends," starring ONE LIFE TO LIVE actress and former "Hairspray" star Kathy Brier, will be presented at the Metropolitan Room May 16 and 17. The 10 PM concerts, benefits for the EOS Theater Company, will feature musical direction by Brian Nash and a host of guest performers. Those currently scheduled to perform include Jill Abramovitz, Kristen Alderson, Scott Barnhardt, Justis Bolding, Beth Ann Bonner, Charlotte Cohn, Maya Days, Brooke Fox, Evan K. Harrington, Jacqueline Hendy, Robert Anthony Jones, Austin Lesch, Kate Pazakis, Josh Scheer, Bret Shuford, Jason Tam and Sally Wilfert.

REVIEW: Larson called "cartoonish"
With limited funds, debut features helmer Tom Gustafson expands his short Fairies into a full-scale musical in Were the World Mine, but the clunky script keeps pulling everything to an earthbound level well below the desired airy realm. Ambitious in intent but weak in execution, pic strives for a playful merger of young gay desire with "A Midsummer Night's Dream," as a high school student invokes Puck's magic formula to enchant an entire community. Despite the film's flaws, fest auds have been awarding it their prize, and limited pickup for niche markets seems likely.

Thesps are largely drawn from non-film quarters, and relative newcomer Cohen shows he can both belt out a number and transcend a pedestrian characterization. As Timothy's friend Frankie, Williams (daughter of Robin) gives off a glow that lingers beyond her brief scenes. Same can't be said for Robie or the cartoonish Jill Larson (Opal, ALL MY CHILDREN).

EVENT: DAYS goes fishing
The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation is holding its inaugural Celebrity Fishing Tournament Saturday, May 17, to raise funds for United Anglers of Southern California and Hubbs Sea World Research Institute. Anglers who sign up will fish from boats or on the bank with celebrities. Organizer David Mirisch is still lining up celebrities. He has commitments from 10 or so right now. Included in the group are Christopher Knight (ex-ANOTHER WORLD), Brett Cullen, who played the quarterback opposite Keanu Reeves in the movie, The Replacements, and several members of DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

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  1. I know we'll never know...I'm sure it doesn't matter...but I'd sure love for the Nuke voters to overwhelm the AFA voters in that P&G poll.