Friday, February 15, 2008

News Brief

AfterElton: Best Gay Week Ever. "Fans of Nuke definitely didn't get the Valentine's gift they were hoping to receive from AS THE WORLD TURNS. In fact, judging from the comments on Brian's liveblog of Thursday's episode, viewers feel they were handed a big bouquet of cow puckey. And I can't say I entirely blame them."

Televisionista: It was Valentine's Day on CBS' Procter & Gamble-sponsored and increasingly insulting daytime soap AS THE WORLD TURNS and although kisses were abound, the iconic gay teen couple got to do the only thing they appear to be allowed to - hug. Last time I checked it was 2008, not 1988. But I suppose time has stopped for an old-skewing CBS and an obsolete Procter & Gamble. How utterly embarrassing for them.

LukeVanFan (YouTube): VIDEO: Luke & Noah get shafted again.

New York Daily News: SPOILER ALERT: Stephanie barges into Eric and Donna's love nest today on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, which causes Eric to scramble - right out the window.

MSNBC: VIDEO: Meet the new KNIGHT RIDER star, former ALL MY CHILDREN hunk Justin Bruening.

Augusta Chronicle: Winners of the 39th annual NAACP Image Awards:
Actor in a daytime drama series: Kristoff St. John, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Actress in a daytime drama series: Christel Khalil, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Directing in a dramatic series: Seith Mann, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: "Are You Ready For Friday Night?"
Actress in a comedy series: America Ferrera, UGLY BETTY
Supporting actress in a comedy series: Vanessa L. Williams, UGLY BETTY

SABC News: ISIDINGO star Ashley Callie has died in a Johannesburg hospital after being injured in a car crash in Linden last weekend. She underwent surgery to relieve pressure on her brain, but never recovered.

Cherry Hill Courier Post: David Groh, who played DL Block on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the 80s, died at age 68.

New York Daily News: ONE LIFE TO LIVE writers Elizabeth Page: "Soap opera writers - or 'daytime' writers as we're called in the biz - get paid once a week. Unlike screenwriters, we're "paycheck" writers, living from week to week."

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