Thursday, February 21, 2008

As The World Turns Casting Tidbits

On the heels of hiring a 26-year-old actor (Jon Prescott) to play Mike Kasnoff, AS THE WORLD TURNS seems to be casting some additional roles as well.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting the show is looking to cast Camilla, a woman who is 35-40 and would start right away.

The show also has a casting notice out for Jana, who is a possible love interest for Aaron.

In previously reported news, Trent Dawson has resigned with the show, Tala Ashe debuts as Ameera tomorrow and Scott Bryce's last day was today.

Meanwhile, the original Mike Kasnoff, the hunky Shawn Christian, will be playing Dr. Daniel Jonas on DAYS OF OUR LIVES starting on March 4th.

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  1. Any news if Eric William Morris (Matt O'Connor) is staying in Oakdale? I think he's the best new addition to the show since Van Hansis showed up two years ago.