Sunday, January 27, 2008

News Brief

New York Daily New: SPOILER ALERT: Lizzie gets the shock of her life Monday on GUIDING LIGHT when she sees that the man who saved her from the oncoming car on Friday was her ex-lover Jonathan - who is supposed to be dead.

Daily Telegraph: Hot on the heels of Idol's Dean Geyer and Cyber Shack's Erin McNaught, NEIGHBOURS has now signed Celebrity Big Brother's Imogen Bailey to play the sister of Miranda (Nikki Coghill).

AfterElton.: Luke and Noah Are Tops.... Again. The results are in and Luke and Noah were the favorite couple to watch in the CBS Daytime Viewers Voice poll.

The Province: If there's such a thing as a Z-list for celebrities, they were in attendance in Atlanta for the NHL All-Star weekend. The stars, such as they were, included David Boreanaz of the TV series, BONES; Thorsten Kaye of ALL MY CHILDREN; singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards; the rock band Mastodon; and actor Matthew Modin, who stood out on the list because you might have heard of him. The big attractions were Alyssa Milano -- and who can ever forget her work on WHO'S THE BOSS? -- and Kelowna's Taylor Kitsch of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

New York Daily News: Provocateur Michael Moore's latest target is (drumroll, please): Joan Lunden? "I got to picket 'The View' this morning," the director and Writers Guild member said cheerfully on Thursday. "It's been a lifelong fantasy to be able to picket THE VIEW." Moore was celebrating his Oscar nomination for the documentary "Sicko" with a lunch, thrown by Harvey Weinstein, at the Four Seasons. I asked him if he enjoyed calling Barbara Walters a scab. "Nah, just some of the guests who shouldn't have been on the show." (Thursday, that meant Lunden, as well as ALL MY CHILDREN'S Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Rebecca Budig. Those villains!)

Palm Beach Post: After all the glitter-and-glamour of last year's half-century anniversary of Palm Beach's famous Red Cross Ball, were the 400-plus well-heeled folks at the 51st Saturday in for a letdown? Although the wingding offered all the Mar-a-Lago hoopla that a $1,000 ticket should provide, there was no international star such as Pierce Brosnan, who came in '07. And there were the fewest ambassadors in memory, four including Luxembourg after the Italians canceled because of political turmoil at home. Yet soap star Susan Lucci of ALL MY CHILDREN strolled into the grand ballroom like a debutante into her first dance. "I've done a lot of work for the Red Cross but I've never been able to attend this event," she said. "It's so exciting."

Chicago Tribune: A recap of the DGA Awards ceremony last night.

Muskegon Chronicle: Drew Pillsbury, a Michigan native and former television and film actor who wrote the screenplay of "Broken," will attend his first Muskegon Film Festival. He played the role of Jim Adams on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in 1986.

Central Florida News: The 14th Annual SAG Awards managed to side-step the three-month-long writers strike and is set for a full ceremony Sunday night. It will be the first awards show to roll out the red carpet and garnish the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s big name stars. “Live at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards with Lisa (Rinna) and Joey” premieres Sunday, January 27 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. ET/PT on the TV Guide Network.

Daily Star: It must be love for EASTENDERS stars Kara Tointon and Rob Kazinsky. The touchy-feely pair have been spotted cosying up together at a star-studded nightclub. And a close pal told the Daily Star Sunday that romance is definitely on the agenda for the couple, saying: “It’s very early days but they’re both having a lot of fun.

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