Saturday, January 26, 2008

News Brief

Deadline Hollywood: Nikki Finke Writers Strike Update: "I'm told the informal writer-mogul meetings are going "in a positive direction" enough so that it's beginning to look possible for the Academy Awards to proceed normally. Friday's was an especially productive session, I've learned. 'I feel optimistic. In my opinion, today was productive and collaborative and respectful. I thought it was a very good day," an insider told me.'"

Albany Herald: Flowers? Check. Candy? Check. Card containing amorous sentiments? Check. Romantic dinner? Check. With such a list in tow, an ideal Valentine’s Day in Southwest Georgia could be within reach. But what if you’ve done all that in the past or just want to add something a little different to this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration? If your significant other is a soap fan, ABC Daytime’s “Love Affair” could be the answer. Available through Buena Vista Records for $18.98, the 12-song CD features stars from each of ABC’s three daytime dramas putting their spin on well-known love songs in a variety of genres, including big-band-era ballads, jazz, hits from the ’60s and recent chart-toppers. When ALL MY CHILDREN's Bobbie Eakes decided to lend her voice to the project, she chose Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me,” which topped Billboard magazine’s charts in 1996. “I’ve always loved that song,” she said in a recent telephone interview from the show’s New York studio.

AfterEllen: Eden Riegel will be returning to ALL MY CHILDREN (yes, again) as Bianca, the lesbian daughter of Erica Kane.

News24: Actress Kimberlin Brown, who plays the manipulative Sheila Carter in American TV soapie THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, was in Mpumalanga last week. She ate sushi at Fez Restaurant in White River with South Africa's renowned jewellery designer Jenna Clifford, women's golfing champion Tania Fourie and MEC for economic development and planning Craig Padayachee before flying back to the US on Friday.

This is Scunthorpe: Her place in soap opera history is assured, but when the lady behind CORONATION STREET's Vera Duckworth came to Scunthorpe, she made an impression all of her own. The timely appearance of a needle and thread when Liz Dawn, aka Vera Duckworth, was the star guest at the 1983 Family Weekend, helped her out of a potentially embarrassing fix.The loss of the Street's Vera, has evoked a host of memories from some of the people who welcomed her to the town.

All3Media: VIDEO: John Paul gets up the courage to talk to Robin.

AfterElton: AS THE WORLD TURNS clip update: Mom! Mom! They're sending Dad to the Big House!

Digital Spy: Gay Spy picture special: Soap Stars part 3.

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