Friday, January 18, 2008

News Brief

New York Daily News: SPOILER ALERT: Robin goes to the doctor Friday on GENERAL HOSPITAL and gets the shock of her life. "What happens is, Robin goes to Kelly and says, 'Okay, I'm ready to get pregnant. Let's go to the sperm bank,' " says Kimberly McCullough, who plays Robin. "Kelly's, like, 'Well, we don't need to do that because you're already pregnant.' Robin had no idea!" That's because when she slept with Patrick after Georgie's funeral last month, she thought they had safe sex. "Robin is totally stunned," says McCullough, "because she doesn't know how that could have happened. She is HIV positive, so, of course, they always use protection. She is very confused."

TV Guide: GENERAL HOSPITAL Exclusive! Sarah Brown Previews Her "Wild" Return. "It's been so many years, but right away they let me know that it wasn't ever going to be about me playing Carly, and that's always been interesting to me."

Marlena de Lacroix: Patrick Erwin writes: "For all its onscreen and offscreen turmoil, DAYS OF OUR LIVES seems to have a few stories working for it right now. One is the tale of the sorority girls (including Chelsea and Stephanie) dealing with the repercussions of rape."

AfterElton: Best.Gay.Week.Ever. Bigfoot gets more screen time than Nuke on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

The Choate News: Former AS THE WORLD TURNS star Frank Runyeon exposes the truth about the media.

Blairsville Dispatch: Local teacher manages Web sites for two GUIDING LIGHT stars. When Tracey Smeltzer was sent by the Derry Area School District to a Web seminar back in 1996, she had no idea it would lead her to the world of cyber celebrity fandom.

Celebrity Baby Blog: Former DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Christie Clark expecting a daughter on April 5th and will name the baby Hannah.

Fort Worth Star Telegram: What to watch on Friday: For the second time this week, a major character reappears, when Debbi Morgan's Dr. Angie Hubbard -- part of '80s supercouple Angie and Jesse -- returns to ALL MY CHILDREN. In tonight's first-run episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, troubled running back Tim Riggins' (Taylor Kitsch) continues on his rocky road to redemption. Now if it would just explain why we haven't seen paralyzed former quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter) for the past couple of episodes.

BBC News: Veteran CORONATION STREET character Vera Duckworth is to make her final appearance in the soap opera during tonight's episode.

TV Guide Canada: Nelson Branco's Suds Report.

Regina Leader-Post: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS needed a hail Mary in the worst way, and it may have got one. Until last week's sensational and emotionally stirring episode, the second-year ensemble drama about the travails of a struggling high school football team looked in serious danger of suffering the dreaded sophomore slump.

Buzzworthy Radio: AUDIO: Interviews with AS THE WORLD TURNS star Ewa da Cruz and ONE LIFE TO LIVE veteran Hillary B. Smith.

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