Sunday, January 27, 2008

Avalanche Kills Former Another World Star Allport

TV actor Christopher Allport has been named as the third victim killed by the snowstorms roaring towards Southern California.

Skiing enthusiast Mr. Allport, 60, was reported missing after a trio of "freak" avalanches. His body was found near the Mountain High ski resort in Wrightwood.

The veteran character actor had appeared on prime-time shows including MAD MEN (see below), DYNASTY (see right), and KNOTS LANDING. He played Tim McGowan on ANOTHER WORLD in the 70s. Tim left Bay City in September 1974 after stealing funds from Frame Enterprises. The character died a few years later in a mine explosion off-camera. He also had a brief role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

He wrote a story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times in 2004 about the pleasures of backcountry skiing.

"Any excursion into the mountains requires awareness," he wrote. "Have fun, but be careful."

Friday's avalanches also killed Michael McKay, 23, an off-duty member of the resort's ski patrol, and Darin Coffey, 31. Both were skiing out of the resort boundaries.

Avalanches are unusual in the San Gabriel Mountains, authorities said, but so was the 3ft or more of new snow that has hit the region in a matter of days this week.

Avalanches were "a freak occurrence" in the local mountains, said Pete Olson, president of Mt Baldy Ski Resorts. "We depend on snow-making, and snow-making doesn't lead to avalanches," he said. "It usually doesn't snow enough to make anything happen up here."

A missing snowboarder was found on Saturday after spending the night on the mountain. Oscar Gonzales, 24, said he got lost when he left the marked ski trails at the resort and sheltered in an old plane fuselage.

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  1. That is not a picture of Chris Allport - check your sources.