Sunday, December 30, 2007

WeLoveSoaps Top 10 Episodes of 2007

10. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – February 8, 2007. “The Young and the Restless” had some low moments this year and I was not a huge fan of Michelle Stafford playing a duel role as Sheila, but I did enjoy the February 8th episode as Phyllis and Sheila wrestled on the floor as gun-toting Lauren busted into the apartment not knowing which is which (“Don’t either of you move!”). This may not be a popular choice but I thought it was an exciting episode.

9. PASSIONS – September 7, 2007. “Passions” left the NBC network airwaves for DirecTV with this exciting finale as Sheridan saw a live feed video of Marty (alive and well), Valerie's true identity was revealed, Alistair watched Luis and Fancy through a monitor, Sam and Ivy kissed and Theresa told Ethan that he had a son. So many cliffhangers in one show.

8. AS THE WORLD TURNS – August 17, 2007. “As The World Turns” hit a home run with this landmark episode featuring the first kiss between Luke and Noah. The kiss was featured on “Entertainment Tonight,” Perez Hilton, Towleroad, TV Tattle and many other websites, magazines and newspapers. The YouTube video of the kiss is approaching a million hits, unheard of for daytime soaps. Aside from the kiss, Carly made a daring rescue of JJ and Alexandra Chando (Maddie) showed why she would be perfect in a good romantic comedy in her awkward scenes with Colonel Mayer. This might rank higher were it not for Carly falling into oatmeal quicksand at the end.

7. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – November 20, 2007. The Forrester Creations Fashion Show had ended and tensions were high. Eric was angry, Donna was upset, Katie found a gun in Brooke’s drawer and Stephanie was threatened by multiple people. Later, when she was alone in the showroom, Stephanie took a bullet kicking off the “Who Shot Stephanie?” storyline.

6. DAYS OF OUR LIVES – November 23, 2007. “Days of our Lives” is on the upswing possibly due to the addition of Ed Scott as Co-Executive Producer. The November 23rd episode, written by Tom Casiello, was a good example of why fans who have left the show should tune back in. A cast of familiar faces was featured at Belle and Shawn’s wedding and Martha Madison showed why she is a star in the making.

5. AS THE WORLD TURNS – December 21, 2007. After not doing much to celebrate Christmas the past few years, “As The World Turns” pulled out all the stops with this Victorian dollhouse fantasy special episode. The costumes were wonderful for the most part and the entire cast was used. This episode will be used by the Costume Designers and Hair & Make-up come Emmy time. With all the gloom and doom on soaps these days, it was nice to celebrate the “magic” of Christmas.

4. ONE LIFE TO LIVE – August 17, 2007. “One Life To Live” celebrated their 10,000th episode with Asa’s funeral. They brought back many fan favorites including James DePaiva (Max Holden), Tonja Walker (Alex “I used to be your grandmother” Olanov), Nathan Fillion (Joey Buchanan), John Loprieno (Cord Roberts) and Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan). The episode included wonderful flashbacks and made fans remember why they loved the Buchanans.

3. DAYS OF OUR LIVES – October 18, 2007. John Black's funeral provided some excellent entertainment. During the October 18th family and friends gather to pay their respects and flashbacks are used effectively to show the impact John made on their lives. At the end Stefano walks into the church as Marlena is speaking (which lead to the also excellent October 19th show).

2. GENERAL HOSPITAL – February 16, 2007. “General Hospital” hit a home run with the Metro Court hostage crisis. It was difficult to chose which episode for this list (February 19th was a possibility), but I chose the February 16th show which featured the show ending explosion, some top notch performances and production values which were a cut above the other soaps during February sweeps.

1. GUIDING LIGHT – January 25, 2007.
“Guiding Light” celebrated their 70th anniversary with this standout episode that took fans back to the radio days and gave great insight into the mind of Irna Phillips. Beth Ehlers did an outstanding job as Irna. The episode is likely to be submitted by GL as they look to capture their second Daytime Emmy in a row for Outstanding Drama Series.

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