Friday, December 7, 2007

Upscale Friday Night Lights

The second season of "Friday Night Lights," the critically acclaimed drama set on and off a Texas football field, has managed to attract no more than 7.5 million viewers a week.

Fans could say NBC is partly to blame; the Friday time slot the show now occupies is sometimes considered a death sentence. Twenty percent of viewers record the show and watch it later, according to Nielsen data.

But "Friday Night Lights" has one fact in its favor: despite ranking No. 53 in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic this season, it is the second most "upscale" series on television (behind the NBC comedy "The Office").

The statistic is noted by NBC in its ratings reports every week, and likely emphasized to advertisers as well. It means that "Friday" delivers more affluent viewers than almost any other broadcast TV show.

Nielsen reports viewership habits of 18-to-49 homes reporting $100,000-plus in income on an index scale, with 100 being the average. "Friday Night Lights" has averaged an index of 141 through Nov. 11, bested only by the 153 index of "The Office." The trend holds for other demographics as well. (It takes several weeks for Nielsen to process the affluency data.)

The other top "upscale" shows, in case you’re curious: "30 Rock;" "Scrubs;" "60 Minutes;" "Sunday Night Football;" "Amazing Race 12;" "Two and a Half Men;" "Dirty Sexy Money;" and "Grey’s Anatomy."

It’s the last new episode of 2007 and will bring baby Gracie’s baptism, the revival of Jason Street’s love life and, of course, Landry’s confession. Fri. at 9 p.m. ET, NBC

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