Sunday, November 25, 2007

Top 10 at the Box Office - Soap Stars Making an Impact

1. Enchanted -- 5-Day Holiday $50M, [3-day Wkd $35.3M], (Cume $28.1M) - Featuring Susan Sarandon (ex-Patrice, "A World Apart") and Tonya Pinkins (ex-Livia, "All My Children" and ex-Heather, "As The World Turns")

2. This Christmas -- $27.1M, [$18.6M], ($27.1M) - Featuring Sharon Leal (ex-Dahlia, "Guiding Light")

3. Beowulf -- $23.3M, [$16.2M], ($56.3M) - Featuring Robin Wright Penn (ex-Kelly, "Santa Barbara"), Nadine Stenovitch (ex-Josie, "Another World") and Sebastian Roché (Jerry, "General Hospital")

4. Hitman -- $21M, [$13M], ($21M) - Featuring Henry Ian Cusick (ex-Jason, "Casualty")

5. Bee Movie -- $15.9M, [$12M], ($112M) - Featuring Ray Liotta (ex-Joey, "Another World")

6. Fred Claus -- $15.1M, [$10.7M], ($53M) - Featuring Kathy Bates (ex-Belle, "All My Children")

7. August Rush -- $13.3M, [$9.4M] ($13.3M) - Featuring Ronald Guttman (ex-Alexander, "All My Children")

8. American Gangster -- $12.7M, [$9.2M], ($115.7M) - Featuring Russell Crowe (ex-Kenny, Neighbours"), Ruben Santiago-Hudson (ex-Billy, "Another World"), Tom O'Rourke (ex-Justin, "Guiding Light") and Ritchie Coster (ex-Alfred, "Guiding Light" and ex-Gabe, "As The World Turns")

9. The Mist -- $13M, [$9M], ($13M) - Featuring Frances Sternhagen (ex-Toni, "Love of Life")

10. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium -- $10.9M, [$8M], ($22.2M) - Featuring Mike Realba (ex-Ben, "Paradise Falls")

Box Office data: Dealine Hollywood


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  2. Sebastian Roche from General Hospital (he plays Jerry Jacks) is also in Beowulf.

  3. Ritchie Coster, who used to play Alfred Randall on Guiding Light, is in American Gangster.