Monday, November 12, 2007

Mathison Racks up Frequent Flier Miles

Dancing has become a part of Cameron Mathison's daily routine since September. On a weekly basis, he jets from New York to L.A. and back again to fulfill his commitments to both "Dancing with the Stars" and "All My Children." This past weekend, he and partner Edyta Sliwinska added Florida to their flight schedule to attend ABC daytime's Super Soap Weekend.

"This is the one opportunity we have in daytime to celebrate with the fans, and perfect for us to say, 'Thanks for all the votes, keep us going,'" said Cameron.

But Cameron didn't let the addition of this big fan appreciation weekend to his busy schedule get in the way of his rehearsal time. Out of necessity, the couple had to sneak in practice time whenever they could.

"Monday night, we have two dances -- the Cha Cha and the Viennese Waltz," said Cameron. "We have good music. So much about what happens comes from music."

The weekend wasn't just about rehearsing. The couple also performed on stage for the crowd at Disneyworld -- a fitting ending for their whirlwind weekend, and one that must have added a few thousand extra miles to each of their frequent flier accounts.

"We have figured out that between the two of us, we have travelled around the world more than twice since this competition started," said Cameron.

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