Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Funniest Strike Article Yet

From AP:
Courtney Simon, script editor for 'As The World Turns.'

Simon studied theater at Indiana University and followed her dream of acting to daytime drama, with a long stint on 'Search for Tomorrow.' When a fellow actor decided to try her hand at writing for TV in 1980, she pulled Simon along.

'I enjoyed it and I pretty much worked from that point on,' said Simon, with writing and editing jobs on some nine shows, among them 'All My Children,''General Hospital' and 'Guiding Light.'

As a script editor on 'As the World Turns' in New York since 2000, Simon is responsible for reading every script for continuity, quality and the 'usual copyediting that one does,' she said. In a pinch, the studio will call on her to write scenes.

Working mostly at home, Simon travels to the studio once a week for a meeting with the show's executive producer, a network representative and the head writer.

A team of 'breakdown writers' produce outlines for a week of shows, with each outline turned over to an individual scriptwriter. The script then ends up in Simon's hands, a process that has to keep moving smoothly to produce an hour of angst for every weekday of the year.

Vacations are rare.

'I try and take the weekend off,' Simon said, 'when I can.'

COMMENTS: If Ms. Simon is responsible for the "continuity" and "quality" of ATWT's day to day scripts, then perhaps we should all be rooting for a long strike and scab writers.

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