Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disney-MGM's Super Soap Street Jam

Orlando Sentinel report from Super Soap Weekend:
The Super Soap Street Jam at Disney-MGM Studios last night lived up to its billing, with the "Cellblock Tango" themed to story lines on the ABC soaps the clear highlight. If you've seen the stage musical or movie "Chicago," you know the premise. But the reworking for five soap characters was both funny and clever.

Classic lines included AMC's Krystal bemoaning Adam, "He tried to sell my baby" and OLTL's Starr saying about rival Britney, "I slapped her TEN TIMES!" (in the more grownup version, the line is "He ran into my knife, TEN TIMES!" Also loved AMC's Annie's summation of her problem with brother RIchie. "I shouldn't have sent him to jail. But he shouldn't have pushed our father OUT THE WINDOW!"

Really fun.

OLTL's Kassie DePaiva didn't forget the words to her song this year, though GH's Sonya Eddy blanked on the second half of "Big, Blonde and Beautiful" from "Hairspray." (She covered well.) It's easy to forgive the stars a slip-up or two ... they must be mentally exhausted from a day of constant chit-chat and smiling.

As promised, Cameron Mathison did a charismatic "Dancing WIth the Stars" routine with his professional partner, Edyta.

OLTL's Kathy Brier brought the house down with a rousing "(Take Another Little) Piece of My Heart."

And for the grand finale, an enthusiastic troupe of dancers joined the stars for "We're All in This Together" from "High School Musical." Yes, it truly is everywhere. But, after a day of standing shoulder to shoulder with crowds that big, it did feel as though we were all in something together.

In true soap fashion, let's close with a cliff-hanger... which daytime star snapped when he overheard a fan accusing him of hitting the bottle before the street jam?

Another report here.

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