Monday, October 29, 2007

News Brief

PW Mania: Former WWE star Romeo Roselli has been cast for a small role on the soap opera "As The World Turns" according to his official website. He has finished filming two scenes which are set to air in November.

Chicago Sun-Times: Northbrook-based insurance behemoth Allstate is beefing up its teen safe driving marketing efforts. Television viewers who watched last Friday's episode of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" series might have noticed a couple of things related to this effort. The plot for that particular episode was crafted to spotlight a teen safe driving theme. And just before the episode concluded, Allstate aired a new 60-second spot from Leo Burnett/Chicago intended to highlight the insurance company's concerns about teen safe driving. The new commercial comes off as a curiously laid-back affair for a matter of such urgency. Visually, the spot is a montage of images of adolescents in cars cutting up and doing things adolescents tend to do when they're left to their own devices. The spot's voiceover is contributed by familiar Allstate spokesman and actor Dennis Haysbert who tells us every year nearly 6,000 teenagers leave their homes in cars and never return. Haysbert suggests parents can perhaps help lower that statistic by simply talking to their kids. But Haysbert doesn't even hint at what parents should say.

American Digital Networks: Hulu Debuts via Private Beta and on Distribution Partners AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo!

PGP Blog: Where Are They Now: Tony Craig (Draper, "The Edge of Night") interview, Part #2.

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