Friday, December 21, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Bill Hodgkins of S&S

Originally published December 21, 2004.

Bill Hodgkins from Portland, Maine, has turned cad Andrew Jones into one of the funniest characters in soaps. We Love Soaps sat down with him to discuss his role on SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES and Andrew's various storylines.

We Love Soaps: How are you enjoying the beginning of winter in Maine so far?
Bill Hodgkins: It's always a bit of a shock when the temps fall at first. I would be happy if it could snow and still be in the 80s. Granted I only want it to snow for Christmas. By mid January I get sick of winter!!

WLS: What has been your favorite Andrew Jones scene since S&S premiered in August of 2003?
BH: Gee, I have to go with a tie. The first one was when Andrew went to see Larrisa in jail after the trial. The other one was when "Adam" took the drinks over to Lucas and Alexandra. If there were emmy reels those are the ones I'd pick for my best work. Dione and Barb are such great people to work with.

WLS: How is Bill different from Andrew?
BH: Let me count the ways! All of them except the voice! I am far from being a money hungry woman chaser!! I'm a money hungy man chaser!! LOL! Honestly I am nothing at all like Andrew, which I think is one reason I like this character so much.

WLS: Did you enjoy playing "Adam" versus Andrew?
BH: I tackled "Adam" as a totally different character and is was a nice switch. But, I really like the old Andrew, which I hope returns when he gets his memory completely back. It's so much fun to try and get out of things.

WLS: Are there any characters on the show you would like to see Andrew interact with more?
BH: I think that Andrew should have more friends outside Alex. Yet, I think that all the other character's might be a bit jaded against any one with the name Jones! Maybe Blake could become Andrew's drinking buddy. I am looking forward to when "Adam" and Hannah meet up. Working with Jamie during the Hannah/Andrew/Larissa thing was a blast!

WLS: Who are your favorite actors?
BH: There are so many. Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, and Laura Linney always put out great perfomances. Within S&S, Gregori, Rich, and Jaime (Charlie, Blake, and Hannah) do great work!

WLS: If Scripts & Scruples became a movie, who would you like to see playing Andrew Jones?
BH: Colin Farrell!

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