Users Must "Verify To Watch" ABC and ABC Family Episodes Online Starting Today

Starting today, in order to watch an episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL online ABC requires uses to "verify your TV provider to watch ABC programming at no additional cost."

ABC's WATCH ABC website and app now requires users to "sign in with a participating TV service provider account to view the most recent episode of your favorite ABC shows." WATCH ABC lets you view the ABC network live or on demand on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and your computer.

Currently the supported providers are as follows.

* AT&T U-verse
* Cablevision Optimum
* Charter
* Comcast XFINITY
* Cox Communications
* Google Fiber
* Midcontinent
* Verizon FiOS

If you subscribe to any of these participating TV providers, you can verify your account with a username and password by following on-screen prompts on or in the WATCH ABC app. If you don't have a username and password, contact your TV provider customer service department for help.

If your provider is not listed, ABC says they are working to add more. In the meantime, you have a few options:
* Check your TV provider's video on-demand offering. Most offer next day viewing.
* You can access episodes on and the WATCH ABC app a week after they air.
* New episodes are also available with a subscription to Hulu Plus, or for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

The network explained the new requirements in an FAQ this way:
"Pay TV service providers are a key part of the television industry in delivering broadcast content through new technology platforms. Now, with the support of participating pay TV service providers, the ABC network is able to continue to bring live entertainment, news and sports programming on a national and local level as well as the latest on-demand episodes on new, emerging digital platforms at no additional cost to their subscribers."

- Disney/ABC Adding "WATCH ABC Family" Service Starting January 6


  1. No Time Warner Cable? Is ABC stupid or something?

    1. ABC is not stupid. They said they will add new providers so u can either wait for 8 days to view the new episode of an ABC show or u can see the new episode of an ABC show on your tv provider's on demand service.

    2. No, ABC is STUPID!

  2. Cable one is not listed. I usually watch GH daily. Locally, we got preempted yesterday due to our State of the State Address. Local network aired it at 2 am but I don't have a recording devise. Miss enough days, you find you really don't need it.

  3. No, in ABC's scheme-of-things TWC is stupid. If they had paid the ransom^H^H^H^H^H^Hroyalty when requested, they would have been included.

  4. I have Huluplus and still can't watch. Thanks ABC.

  5. Really??!! We have Time Warner Cable, but they aren't buying in on ABC's plan. ABC really screwed up on this one! At least, folks were watching their programs, even if it wasn't at the scheduled air time. Now there will be folks who just won't bother 8 days later. Greed, greed, greed!!!

  6. This is ridiculous.... ABC wise up, just check how many viewers you are losing.

  7. I don't have cable and the only show that I watch online is The Bachelor. Now I have to wait a week if I miss a episode when it airs. I'm on Facebook and Twitter so I've already heard about most of the things that happened Monday night.

  8. This is stupid. You lost many viewers!

  9. I have ATT Uverse and It still isn't allowing me to watch

  10. What we need to do is spread the word using social media that we are just going to stop watching period. Personally I don't like the feeling of being jerked around! There is very little worth watching anyway. Now I can't watch the one or two shows I like! Simply not worth the effort. They should be happy that they have some viewers and stop trying to make more money!

  11. Wow ABC you really disappointed me and a lot of other people. Sincerely, a once loyal fan

  12. this is ridiculous.. Some people dont have the luxury of being able to pay for a cable bill. i think this is complete bs... i have always been an abcfamily fan since 7th heaven, growing pains.. like come on.. there is a page on fb. we need as many ppl as possible for it . pls like this page and let or abc or whichever site u want to go bck to normal.

  13. The main problem for ABC is this. I missed the latest episode of my favorite show. Now I won't watch the next live one on their station because I haven't seen the one previous and I won't see it until it is available online without verification. If I cannot catch up without logging in with my roommate's cable account I will simply stop watching the station live. I can see this being a major unforeseen consequence for ABC with a lot of people because of this decision. They might lose a lot of viewers who are dependent on the online show to get current fast. Good luck with this decision ABC.