WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Elvera Roussel, Anita Gillette, Denise Pence & Victoria Mallory

With THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS celebrating its 40th anniversary this month, many fans have been remembering Victoria Mallory and her portrayal of Leslie Brooks, and asking what she's up to now. Last Wednesday, she performed at a staged reading of "Good Girls Only," a Rehearsal Club Musical produced by GUIDING LIGHT alum Denise Pence.

Also in attendance that night were two other soap alums: Elvera Roussel, who starred as Hope Bauer Spaulding in GUIDING LIGHT, and Anita Gillette, who played roles in THE EDGE OF NIGHT and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW.

Photo: Sue Coflin/Max Photos


  1. My gosh! Elvera grew up to look like her TV grandma, Bert Bauer!

    Anita is ageless & divine! Look for her to recur on MODERN FAMILY.

  2. Denise looks fabulous especially & was so underused on GL -- what a talent.

    Roger, just a minor typo also but Denise's last named is PenCe.

  3. Anita also played Loretta Shea on Another World in 1982.

  4. Lovely to see these women have aged beatifully and elegantly.

  5. By the way, you all need to see that increbile dvd collection of Guiding Light from January 1981 which is the climax of the Jennifer Richards trial featuring both Elvera and Denise. You'll see the brilliance of the show at the height of Doug Marland's time there.

  6. THANK YOU ALL! I'm sure I can speak for every other actor in soaps who is long-departed from your living rooms on a daily basis (even my mom in El Paso enjoyed keeping tabs on me via GL), when I say we are ALL forever grateful to the fans for remembering us -- following and fighting for us! Gotta admit, my leaving GL felt like falling into a black hole after living in the light. When I produced my first (really small) event, I sent my first tweet -- and someone came I totally didn't know. Whew, I wonder . . . so here I am . . . doing what I do, but sharing these events with all of you. I invite you to continue to follow me on Twitter -- and, if you can, support the birth of "Good Girls Only" and help ALL our good girls celebrate the Centennial of The Rehearsal Club this summer.

  7. Thanks Roger; I Love This--Yay!

    Brian :-)


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