Four Actors Leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? Riegel Finds Out Online

Tristan Rogers announced via Twitter that his character, Colin, would be leaving Genoa City. Soaps in Depth is reporting that a YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS insider shared the news late last week that Rogers had been let go from the soap, along with Eden Riegel (Heather), Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam) and Darius McCrary (Malcolm).

Riegel is wonderful but was miscast as Heather. Darius McCrary was absolutely the wrong actor to cast as a replacement for Shemar Moore as Malcolm. Sean Patrick Flanery just wasn't needed as Sam.

Until Melody Thomas Scott is front and center as Nikki Newman, continuing to bring on new characters seems to be pointless.

Speaking of new characters, Debbi Morgan debuts on October 7. Let's hope the writing for her character does her justice.

What do you think of all this Y&R casting news? And how do you feel about the show's casting decisions in the past few years? Right actors but wrong parts? Like some, dislike others? Love them all? Weigh in below in our Comments section.

And yet another blunder from those in charge of daytime soap operas. Apparently Eden Riegel found out about her dismissal by reading it online. She tweeted the following:

"It's not for me to say they're wrong but I have not been told of my departure. Boy would that be embarrassing!"

And then a bit later:

"Oops. I take it back. Apparently my run on Y&R is soon coming to an end. It was a fun ride!"

Eden Riegel spoke to SOD about how she learned the news:

Her manager's confirmation capped off a bizarre day in which social media brought the news to her attention before she got official word from the show. "My fan club president sent me a link to an article that said [I'd been let go] and she asked, 'Is this true?' And I e-mailed her back and said, 'Absolutely not. Don't worry.' And then as the day progressed, on Twitter, there was just so much chatter and so many people saying, 'What's going on? I heard you're leaving, I'm so sorry.' I thought, 'Wow. What if this was true?' It started to become more and more of a reality, like, 'Is this really possible?' But by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, when I hadn't heard anything, I was like, 'No, this is for sure not true.' So I went on and tweeted, 'It's absolutely not true.' And then an hour later, I got the call from my manager and I was like, 'Oh. Boy, do I have egg on my face [laughs].' But it was fine. And actually, the way that it happened, in that it was so public, sort of took the onus off of me. I didn't then have to go to Twitter to say, 'Hey, I have bad news.' Everybody in the world knew before me! So, instead, I got to skip right to the, 'Hey, we love you, we're so sorry,' part, which is the more fun part anyway, people getting all up in arms: 'How can they do this to you? We're on your side!' And that's always nice to hear."


  1. WOW? I can't believe it! Y&R is actually correcting two of its worst to speak???

    I agree, Eden R is great, but was miscast - would love for Vail Bloom to come back. I'm still laughing over Darius M as Malcolm...huh???

    Not all that surprised about Sean F. I'm a little surprised about Tristen R tho. I think he is a great actor and could have been long term, I wonder if that decision may have been driven by budgetary reasons.

    With Malcom leaving, do we assume that Sohpia's baby is Neil's, then???

  2. Hmmm, I'm wondering if Maria Arena Bell was told by CBS/Sony that they were getting rid of those 4 actors to possibly make room for Melody Thomas Scott coming back?! One can only hope!

    Yep, ER and DM were both badly recast in roles that they never should have been cast in the first place. SPF's Sam is a useless character. TR out as Colin makes sense. Cane has been gunning for him for weeks and I think Cane finally trips his Dad up and Colin ends up in the clink for good!

  3. Now if we could add a few more names to list starting the cartoon, campy GF she's been horrendous of every level. Tucker, Sophia, Chole, Kevin, Avery, Gloria, Jeffery, Adam (baby killer), and SyPhyllis, yes I said it...MS is over exposed as EB. The biggest name is MAB, HS, & SH, Y&R is a shell of itself now days. I stopped taping 6 weeks ago until something is done this great Bill Bell soap. I have been there since day one and this isn't the soap I know at all on my TV screen. When you love a character like Mrs. C., and now can't recognize the character because how she is being written and can't stand to have the a beloved character you know is sickening. The whole Tucker vs Katherine is just bad television. No MTS, just a bunch of newbies and now getting a singing Soprano mob family plus a father, the wonderful Debbi Morgan best be careful because MAB is not writer. Locking Colin up by Genevieve is nothing but a cheap ripoff and rehash of what Victor did to Michael, Julia's lover. MAB might carry the last name of Bell, but she has no talent as headwriter. At least when Bill wrote Victor doing it, you had a sense of the Newmans because they had been established, GF has been on Y&R 3 months and fans have no connection to the character. Victor is alot of things but Bill gave him more depth not a one sided trick pony. If CBS and Sony, Bell Productions want to destroy Y&R I certainly don't have to watch the destruction and keep my fond memories intact. Something has give with soaps, because they are self destructing in front of our eyes. Maybe its time to call it quits on soaps. LOOOOOONG time CBSer here, I don't have my beloved GL or ATWT will try DOOL if they are rebooting and giving us good soap opera again but that is the end game. I will pay to watch OLTL online, AMC doubtful is even going online, I more of fan of AMC then OLTL. It's not another bill I need to have to pay just to watch soaps. That is what Youtube is for, and I do have the episodes in order (closest that I can) with AW, 1992, GL 1985, ATWT 1985. So there are ways of getting a soap fix, ie go to WLS and watch on This Day in History..We do our soaps.

  4. Eden Riegel just doesn't click as Heather, I agree, and Genie Francis, one of my all-time favorite actresses, is misused in Genoa City just like Maura West was. Stop making the new characters so much of a caricature! The Young and the Restless is one of the few shows left with real people. No one can really replace Shemar Moore and there is no reason to try. Malcolm is not needed anymore. Concentrate on the Abbotts, Katherine, Jill and the Newmans (including NIKKI!) and the show will be back on track. Write real people instead of cartoons and you'll have an audience for a long while.

  5. I love TR on the show him and DG ,JW were so good together and I want TR so stay WHY LET GO OF A GOOD ACTOR ?

  6. Marcus Patrick should be the new Malcolm...He has the look and he is a decent actor...

  7. The only actor I can think of that would work for me as Malcolm is Henry Simmons.

  8. The only one I'm sorry to see go is Tristan Rogers. To be frank, McCrary SUCKED as Malcolm. He came off like an ape in the jungle always beating his chest. Eden Riegel, never liked her as Heather. I did like Sean but I guess his character was too "nice" for a soap.

    The only wish I have is that they would have sent Michael Muhney packing as well because I absolutely HATE Adam.

  9. Eden Reigel should never have been cast as Heather in the first place, didn't work.

  10. Maybe ER can join the online ALL MY CHILDREN wherein Erica will remember that she actually gave birth to twins who now both think they are Bianca. Has that been done before? ; )

  11. I’m disappointed that Eden was let go and sad she learn of her fate in such a crappy manner. No Class Y&R! No Class!

  12. I never liked SPF. Victor was called "Mr. Mumbles" by Jack, but Sam has taken the title. I pretty much agree with most of the posts. Hated ER as Heather, DM as Malcolm. I do think that the writing has pretty much gone downhill since MAB's tenure as head writer. MTS is needed back on the show, pronto. GF - agreed- campy and over-the-top, and altogether unnecessary. I have watched Y & R since 1975 and I miss the meaty storylines with the original characters. When is the wonderful Doug Davidson going to stop being placed in the Winsor Harmon (B & B) background? Over the many years, I have never missed more than a dozen shows, but I find myself disengaging rapidly. Y & R had better stop making fools of longtime viewers by adjusting characters we've known for years and writing rehashed storylines.

  13. The show is getting to be a real bore.
    Glad they are getting rid of these characters but a few more would be good also.
    Gloria and Murphy to start, they have no storylines and are not necessary.
    The writers need to step it up.
    Victor is never at his office and neither is Victoria, who is running the company? All Victor is doing is overstepping and meddling in everyone's business, as is Katherine.
    Bring the main characters back front and center.


  15. I must have been one of the only ones that thought DM was a good Malcolm. Yeah, he wasn't a SM, but he did have that edge about him that made him good. As far as ER as Heather, I really didn't like her in that role. I liked VB better in the role. SPF was good as a Sam, but again, I saw his character going nowhere. I'd also like to see MM let go as Adam; I don't think the writers know what they are doing with him anymore; along with Victor. Maybe it would be a good idea to shut down the show. It's starting to have no substance. Time to pull the plug I think.

  16. I'm sad they couldn't write better characters for Sean and Eden ... Eden's a great actress, but she needs to be more in the role of someone creative, not a lawyer. Not that she didn't do a great job. And I was just starting to really like Sam. Too bad. Tristan Rogers would've been fun, too bad on that one too. The only one I'm not sorry about leaving is Darius. What a horrible recast that was. I don't dislike him, but Eddie was not right for that part, lol. Love the character of Molloy and the actor. He's very hot. BTW, some of you people don't get it. Michael Muhney and Michelle Stafford are going NOWHERE. Their characters are very popular.

  17. y&r is beginning to look like a cheap porno day they had couples in the sack. neither with their own partner.and in real life adam would be doing 10 to 20 yrs in jail.i guess im the only one who likes eden. too bad.

  18. Adam is excellent. Do not exchange Muhney for another. He fits the role to a T.

  19. Who's that new character playing the pregnant girl trying to get money from Billy? She's plays the part well.

  20. I liked SPF and his character Sam... I wish they would have kept him on and something go on between him and sharon and not just a one time thing.. I am, however, getting really sick of the NIKKI-VICTOR crap!! get real already...It is time they stay apart!! This thing with Nick and Phylli is getting boring too..either they love each other or they dont... It seems to me that Phyllis and Ronan got a hot thing going do Nick and Avery!.. Not sure what I really think about all the others.. speaking of watching him in a movie right now.. and he is great...still sexy as ever!! Good luck YandR.. if you don't start ending things and leave them be you will be the next soap to disappear from CBS. I miss As the Wrold Turns!!


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