THE BAY Returns: "Far From The Bay" (Chapter 5)

Popular indie soap THE BAY returned on Thursday picking up the story of Pete Garrett who is "Far From The Bay". In this new chapter of the series, Pete (Kristos Andrews) will travel to New York in search of the woman who raised him in the early years of his life (Claire). Instead, he encounters other "familiar" faces who aren't so familiar because he is suffering from amnesia. He will also meet some new people which will include web series crossovers with EMPIRE's Lucy Lively (Afton Boggiano) and STEAMBOAT's Michael (Michael O'Leary).

Watch the first installment of "Far From The Bay" below which features former GUIDING LIGHT actress Miriam Colon:


  1. Good start. It's great to see Miriam Colon again.

  2. LOOKS awesome!!! Cant wait for more...So happy The BAY is Back

  3. wow.. this is good.. VERY excited to see what happens next!!!

  4. Good to see the bay is back.Its awesome to see its in NY from the west to the eastcost.Im excited to see whats up next with peters life in his past next.The part with Anthony Aquilino and Aidan Moreno is awesome powerful GOOD!!!!!LUCK!!!!!


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