Terri Colombino Joins ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Soap Opera Digest is confirming that AS THE WORLD TURNS alum, Terri Colombino (ex-Katie), has been tapped to play the contract role of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Aubrey. Colombino has proven to be equally proficient at both comedy and drama and would be an asset to any cast.

A casting notice that went out a few weeks ago described the character as, "a beautiful, sexy, Caucasian in her mid-20s-30s. Aubrey's proper breeding masks her free-spirited nature." She will first air in late November.


  1. Awesome! I've missed seeing Terri since ATWT ended, and now I'll start watching OLTL because of her.

  2. Great news! Love TC--very good actress who never got the kudos she deserved. I used to watch OLTL back in the days of Judith Light etc. (It was awesome then)
    I will still catch it here and there on Soapnet. I think that show has some very good actors but also some very weak actors. I was wondering when OLTL would start to pick up some of the talented cast of ATWT. It is a no-brainer. TPTB would be crazy not to try and lure some of the ATWT fans to OLTL--especially since both soaps aired the same time in many markets. Here's hoping that Trent Dawson is next. That would be fabulous! Also, would love to see ESS on OLTL as we;; (if he would do another soap) Right now I am watching him on a Law & Order epi on TNT--LOL!

  3. I wasn't a fan of her character, Katie, but always thought Terri could act her arse off!! Congrats to her!!

  4. Remember when she almost got the lead role in JOEY around the time she had her baby? I've always thought Terri would be a great romantic comedy star either in movies or primetime. Her timing is great.

    It's hard to have a gripe about so many actors I've met, and some even know well, getting work, but some days I tune in to OLTL or Y&R and I wonder what show I'm watching. Last year at this time OLTL was considered by 99% of soap critics to be the best soap on the air. In 10 months, they have completely gutted the show. Let's hope it pays off for them.

  5. Hey, Hey!

    This is such great news for Terri! :-)

  6. I didn't know that she almost got a part on Joey. You are right Roger. She would be a great romantic comedy star. I loved her from the day she came on ATWT--even when no one could stand Katie. I like good actors. Since OLTL is the only soap left in NYC-there is no excuse why they should have any weak actors on that show. The cast should be top notch--lots of talent to choose from. I think they have casted a little too much on looks. Getting like AMC

  7. Love Terri but where will she fit on OLTL's already filled canvas? There are a lot of new characters. Where's Roxy? Will more OLTL stars leave or be dropped.

    BTW, will OLTL hire any actors of color since 3 contract actors have quit or been fired? At present, only 3 actors of color are on contract: Florencia L., Shennell E., and David F.

  8. Congrats to Terri! I'm looking forward to seeing her on TV again. :)

  9. Roger,

    OLTL's execs gutted the show but the ratings haven't improved dramatically. They could have tweaked the cast and the writing.

    It's ashame to see much of the diversity of OLTL disappear: Kish, Rachael, Greg, Markko, and Layla.


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