The Name of the ATWT Talk Show Replacement: THE TALK

CBS has revealed the name of the AS THE WORLD TURNS talk show replacement, THE TALK. The network's entertainment president Nina Tassler revealed the (similar to THE VIEW) name at the Television Critics Association meeting today.

According to, Tassler said it was the the series' creator/executive producer Sara Gilbert who suggested casting Julie Chen. As for the pickup to series, "I made the decision," Tassler said. "I don’t think Les [Moonves] is unhappy with it,... but show screened great and tested the best of all the pilots. The elephant in the room is that Julie is on the show, but she happens to be terrific on the show. She shouldn't be penalized for being married to the CEO."


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  2. It will be interesting to see what time slot they move it to. In the ATWT time it will be opposite Ellen et al. I doubt The Talk lasts in the afternoon but may be moved to Y&Rs time. The Talk will be protected over all else.

  3. The other soaps had better start preying for a miracle.

  4. There's no way CBS would give Y&R's time slot to the Talk.

    As for Sara Gilbert choosing Julie Chen, that makes Gilbert either a huge suck-up or the skirt behind which Moonves' husband is hiding.

  5. I love ATWT. And I don't want it to be replaced by a talk show, nor do more viewers. There is too much history, and loyal viewers that this show can compete with.


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