FLASHBACK: 'Another World' The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice (Part 12)

Steven and Alice finally married on September 24, 1971, more
than three years after they met at Walter and Lenore Curtin's
wedding reception.
ANOTHER WORLD: The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice

The Soap Box
Vol. IV No. 7 July 1979
by Bryna Laub

(continued from Part 11)

It was the Curtins who finally helped Alice put the ghost of Rachel's interference to rest. They invited her for the evening and gently explained that Steven had financed Ted out of love for HER and for their future together. Only by making sure that Rachel had no reason to come to him for money could he put her out of their lives, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to make sure that happened. Suddenly, for the first time in a year, it was clear to Alice. The problem wasn't Rachel or even Jamie, it was herself and her attitude toward their problems.

Alice quickly called Steven and he hurried to her. Eagerly she asked his forgiveness for misjudging his motives and his actions. She explained she now understood that while Jamie was an important part of his life, Rachel could only be as important as they let her be. If she and Steve had love and trust between them, Rachel was no longer a threat.

Today in Soap Opera History (September 1)

1976: Ryan's Hope's Jack was annoyed with Little John.
1981: The Edge of Night's Nadine called out her daughter, Raven.
1981: General Hospital's Heather defended herself to Burt.
2004: As the World Turns' Barbara was determined to get her son.
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."
― Maya Angelou

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1966: On Dark Shadows, Joe Haskell (Joel Crothers) told Carolyn Stoddard (Nancy Barrett) about David Collins' crystal ball's prediction. Burke Devline (Mitchell Ryan) investigated Bill Malloys' disappearance, certain that he had incriminating evidence against Roger Collins and Sam Evans (David Ford). Sam believed everyone in the entire town was headed towards death.

NEWS: Kristian Alfonso, Bradford Anderson, Krista Allen, Linda Gray

Kristian Alfonso. Photo Credit: Jim Wright
Days of our Lives star Kristian Alfonso on Bo and Hope: "There is no hope for Bo!"
"[Laughs] There is no hope for Bo! She feels so let down by him, so discarded. That’s why she filed for divorce. The last straw was his letter saying he was going undercover again—for a year! What about the wife who yearned for him? What about his daughter, who is growing up without a father? And then suddenly there’s Aiden, this handsome, debonair attorney, a guy Hope can lean on. They’re both single parents. They have similar struggles. He’s extremely feisty and a challenge—and Hope is always looking for a challenge."

General Hospital casting 9-11 year old girl
GH is seeking to fill a role described as "Caucasian, 9-11 years old. This is an ONGOING recurring Day Player. Very important role, looking for complex actress." It's possible this is a recast of Josslyn, whose current portrayer, Hannah Nordberg, has been unavailable to the show of late; she booked a role in NBC's upcoming Dolly Parton biopic, Coat of Many Colors.

Bradford Anderson set to make another return to General Hospital
It looks like Spinelli will be making another visit to Port Charles.

Days of our Lives alum Krista Allen was thrilled Significant Mother cast Linda Gray as her mom
"First of all, when I found out that Linda Gray was going to play my Mom, I absolutely fangirled out so hard. I was so excited. I was also a huge fan of Dallas, a huge fan of Linda Gray. I’ve always thought she was fantastic and it was a real big deal. Linda Gray is playing my mother! It was amazing. When she first came to the set, I just gushed. I was so happy and welcomed her. We had such a great time shooting. She was wonderful. She was just wonderful. She’s such a great lady and so talented and so funny and so easy to work with and everyone loved her. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Linda Gray. She’s fantastic."

Gray guest stars on Monday night's episode of Significant Mother on The CW.

'Under the Dome' Series Finale To Air September 10; Final Two Episodes Preview

The Under the Dome series finale airs September 10 on CBS.
CBS announced today that the Dome in Chester’s Mill will come down and its mysteries revealed during the series finale of Under the Dome on Thursday, September 10. Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, Under the Dome debuted Monday, June 24, 2013, and has been one of the most-watched shows on television for the past three summers.

On this week's episode (“Incandescence”), when the Dome’s calcification process accelerates, Chester’s Mill has 24 hours before the barrier’s breakdown will suffocate everyone inside. While the new deadline puts added pressure on Joe to bring the Dome down, Barbie and Julia race to save his child from The Kinship. Also, Big Jim tries to manage the increasingly volatile Hektor (Eriq La Salle), who is adamant that infected townspeople never escape the Dome

In the September 10 series finale, when the Dome comes down, many questions about its origin and power will be answered, as two groups of residents engage in one final conflict that some won’t survive.

“Two years ago, Under the Dome broke new ground in the summer and became an instant hit on CBS, as well as with viewers around the world,” said Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment. “Dome’s event storytelling and multi-platform business model paved the way for more original summer programming with the successful rollouts of Extant and Zoo. We’re excited to present the final chapter in Chester’s Mill as the story comes full circle, with the Dome coming down as dramatically as it went up.”

All three seasons of Under the Dome will continue to be available for unlimited streaming to fans and members of Amazon’s Prime Video, which has been the exclusive subscription video on demand (SVOD) home for Dome since the show premiered.

Elizabeth Bogush Nabs Recurring Role on 'The Young and the Restless'

Former Titans star Elizabeth Bogush has joined the cast of CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless in a recurring role, according to Soaps in Depth.

Titans was a primetime soap that aired on NBC in 2000, created by current Y&R head writer and executive producer Chuck Pratt. Bogus played Jenny Williams.

Her new Y&R character, Dr. Anderson, is described as "kind and sympathetic," and will be assigned to care for a Genoa City resident.

Bogush makes her Y&R debut on Friday, September 18.

Her other credits include Masters of Sex, October Road, Scrubs, NCIS: Los Angeles and this summer's The Messengers.

NEWS: Jason George, Tuc Watkins, Hillary Clinton, Amazon, Netflix, Cuba, Hindsight

Tuc Watkins and Eva Longoria.
Desperate Housewives stars Eva Longoria and Tuc Watkins reunite
Tweeted Longoria, who has been shooting her NBC single camera comedy, Telenovela: "Look who came to play last week! I love you @tucwatkins It was so fun filming with you again!"

Jason George on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: "They've hit reboot almost”
"The writers have made this extra effort to breathe new air and refresh everything,” he says, adding: "There's a lot of things that make it feel brand new, but it has that lightness and sense of humor that people fell in love with in the first place. And the sexy sexy is back on.”

15 Things to Say When You Haven't Watched Any of the Must-Watch TV Shows
Whenever someone (a date, a coworker, a normal human) brings up one of these shows that you haven't seen, here's what to say to avoid the dreaded, "You haven't seen it! Oh my god! How have you missed that??" and make it sound like you're actually a part of society.

EastEnders: Queen Vic barmaid Tracey finally gets her own storyline
[SPOILER ALERT] The long-serving character, who rarely talks in scenes despite being part of the Walford furniture since 1985, will feature in big scenes later this month as returnee Kathy Beale makes contact.

The Walking Dead is getting an airplane zombie attack stand-alone special
A passenger who survives the attack will join Fear the Walking Dead for Season 2.

Ex-Obama staffer: Hillary Clinton’s campaign will have to deal with her Good Wife portrayal
Dan Pfeiffer, who was the White House's communications strategist up until earlier this year, tells how staffers had to monitor all the TV show comments about the president. "The fake Hillary Clinton on The Good Wife won’t determine whether the real Hillary Clinton wins or loses, but how Hillary is portrayed on the show will affect how some view her — and that’s something her campaign will have to deal with in the coming months,” he says.

Do Netflix and Amazon shows have too much creative freedom?
While traditional broadcast and cable networks are known to meddle with their shows, it seems like there isn’t enough meddling done on the two big streaming services. As Maureen Ryan notes, "I think Netflix and Amazon executives give their creative types a lot of rope, and I’ve often had occasion to wonder is they’re giving them too much rope. It’s common for their dramas to get tangled up and slow down, even at the pilot stage, and in the middle of seasons, Netflix dramas often sag and meander, and ... they take a long time to work up a head of steam.”

"The Unauthorized O.C. Musical" will include Marissa shooting Trey
“You couldn’t do The O.C. justice without doing something with that, so that was one that was really big for us,” co-creator Jordan Ross said, adding, “It spawned a million Internet memes.”

VH1 cancels Hindsight just before it was to begin shooting Season 2
In March, VH1 renewed the time-traveling drama starring Laura Ramsey as a woman who returns to her high school days in 1995. But following a change in leadership this summer, VH1 has opted to pull the plug on Hindsight, saying in a statement: "In this overcrowded and rapidly changing climate, we need to carve out VH1’s distinct place in the scripted marketplace and deliver the biggest audiences possible for our series.”

Cuba drama series in the works
The network-less drama Cuba plans to shoot on-location in Havana, revolving around an "international real estate mogul who returns with his family to the place of his childhood to restore a hotel in hope of capitalizing on Cuba’s emerging tourism business.”