FLASHBACK: Mother Daughter Relationships - An "Imitation of Life" on Daytime TV (Part 2)

On Love of Life, Meg Hart (Tudi Wiggins) had an affair with
business associate Rick Latimer (Jerry Lacy).  When Rick fell
in love with Meg's daughter (then, Deborah Courtney), it was the
start of a long-running storyline that nearly ended in tragedy.
Mother Daughter Relationships: An "Imitation of Life" on Daytime TV

The Soap Box
Vol. IV No. 1 January 1979

(continued from Part 1)

Certainly, Jill and Erica contradict the proverb from Ezekiel XVI:44, "As the mother, so is the daughter." One might have expected daughters like these from a mother like Meg Hart on Love of Life.

Meg had an affair with a business associate, Rick Latimer. When Rick fell in love with her daughter, Cal, it was the start of a long-running storyline that nearly ended in tragedy. Meg tried to undercut Cal and Rick's relationship, playing both sides against the middle. When that failed, she plotted a phony suicide attempt for their wedding day; her plan nearly backfired. Although Meg didn't die, she did succeed in forcing a postponement of her daughter's wedding. After the marriage took place, she continued to come on to Rick, and had nearly succeeded in separating them permanently before they reconciled and moved to Quebec.

Today in Soap Opera History (October 7)

1940: Portia Faces Life premiered on CBS Radio.
1980: Edge of Night's Clown Puppet killer claimed its first victim.
1991: Y&R's David died in a trash compactor.
1997: One Life to Live's Tea fell out a window.
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."
― Maya Angelou

"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1940: Radio soap opera Portia Faces Life debuted on CBS. The show was created by Mona Kent and centered around the life of Portia Blake Manning (Lucille Wall), an attorney and widow with a young son.

1966: On As the World Turns, Dr. Doug Cassen (Nat Polen) was very distraught when he returned home from a house call to Mrs. Rogers, who had suddenly died of heart failure. The next day, Ted Rogers visited Doug's office to find out exactly what happened to his wife. Doug didn't know what to tell Ted, and the grieving husband demanded that an autopsy be done. Doug then revealed some past medical information about Mrs. Rogers which shocked Ted. In a rage, Ted pushed Doug away causing him to trip over a chair and hit his head on the floor. Doug later died after suffering complications from the injury leaving Claire (Barbara Berjer) a widow.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Young and the Restless' Star Joshua Morrow on His New Film 'Golden Shoes,' Available Now on DVD and On Demand

The Young and the Restless star Joshua Morrow plays George Larue in
Golden Shoes, now available on DVD and On Demand.
Joshua Morrow has starred in CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless since 1994 as Nick Newman, who navigates romance, children and a career in fictional Genoa City. His latest project is a wonderful new movie, Golden Shoes, featuring an all-star cast in the story of a young soccer player with big dreams.

As long as he could remember, eight-year-old Christian Larou (Christian Koza) dreamed of being a great soccer player like his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. When his father (Morrow) is deployed to Afghanistan, his mother (Dina Meyer) is hospitalized and he's subjected to intense bullying at school, Christian pours himself into the game he loves. With the help of some very special shoes, can Christian lead his team to the championship, inspire an entire nation, and bring his family together again?

Golden Shoes is available on DVD and On Demand starting today. We Love Soaps spoke to Morrow about his role in the film, working on location, and his love for Y&R. We even got the avid sports fan to make a college football prediction. Check out our exclusive interview below:

WE LOVE SOAPS: How did you get cast in the movie as George Larou?
JOSHUA MORROW: My manager called me up one day and they offered it to me. I didn't even have to audition for it. I think they were pretty happy with what they saw on my show, and offered me the role of George Larou. It's not a big role but I loved doing it. I don't get a chance to do things like that very often, based on my work schedule, but it was fun and a really cool experience for me.

'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' Preview: The Ancient Secrets of the Monolith Are Revealed

Spencer Treat Clark played Steven Frame on Another World.  He guest
stars tonight as Alexander on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Photo Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal
Season 3 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues with a new episode tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Another World alum Spencer Treat Clark guest stars.

In "Purpose in the Machine," Fitz and the team enlist the aid of an Asgardian to unlock the secrets of the ancient monolith that swallowed Simmons, and Agent May is at a crossroads in her personal and professional life.

In the sneak peek clip below, One Life to Live alum Blair Underwood returns as Dr. Andrew Garner with some news for Daisy she doesn't want to hear.

Kermit Can't Bear to Tell Fozzie the Truth on Tonight's Episode of 'The Muppets' with Guest Stars Liam Hemsworth, Nick Offerman and Christina Applegate

Liam Hemsworth, Pepe The King Prawn, The Great Gonzo and Rizzo.
Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor
Liam Hemsworth, Nick Offerman and Christina Applegate guest star on tonight's new episode of The Muppets, airing at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

In "Bear Left then Bear Write," Fozzie takes things a little too far when Kermit offers him advice and Nick Offerman steps in to help the gang.

Meanwhile, Christina Applegate guests on "Up Late," and brings Miss Piggy a sweet surprise that doesn't go over well and Pepe, Rizzo and Liam Hemsworth try to help Gonzo out with his online dating situation.

"I've been gorgeous since birth," Hemsworth explains, "but just at a super high level."

Watch a sneak peek below:

'If Loving You is Wrong' Preview: See How It All Began

Brad (Aiden Turner) and Alex (Amanda Clayton)
Season 2 of Tyler Perry's If Loving You is Wrong continues tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

In "The Painter," Alex (Amanda Clayton) dreams about happier times with Brad (Aiden Turner), her first meeting Randal (Eltony Williams) and Marcie (Heather Hemmens), and how her affair with Randal began.

Watch a sneak peek below: