Monday, August 12, 2019

'General Hospital' Spoilers (August 12-16, 2019)

What's happening on General Hospital this week? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out.

Monday, August 12
Laura offers her reassurance; Kevin speaks to Alexis about Neil; Julian and Kim meet with Lucy; Liz watches over Franco as he sleeps; Stella gets an important message.

Tuesday, August 13
Laura makes a phone call; Ava is caught off-guard; Jax catches Nina in a vulnerable moment; Sonny shares a tender moment with Mike; Curtis blames himself.

Wednesday, August 14
Jason and Sam enjoy a reprieve at home; Elizabeth shares what she knows with Franco; Julian and Lucas have an emotional conversation; Nina and Valentin tend to Sasha; Hayden doesn't go unnoticed.

Thursday, August 15
Brad asks Julian to reconsider; Drew and Elizabeth are stunned; Maxie and Peter are taken aback; Sam and Jason regroup with Robert; Finn and Valentin cross at the hospital.

Friday, August 16
Willow sees another side to Chase; Monica looks for Kim; Hayden responds to Finn's request to meet; Carly and Sonny plan a cozy night together; Josslyn helps Dev prepare for his classes.

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