Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Kristoff St. John Cause of Death: Hypertrophic Heart Disease

Kristoff St. John died from heart disease, and accidental alcohol overdose, according to a report from the L.A. coroner's office.

The Young and the Restless star's official cause of death is listed as hypertrophic heart disease and is categorized as accidental, according to the report obtained by TMZ. The disease makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood and often goes undiagnosed.

The 52-year-old actor was found dead last month at his home in the San Fernando Valley. Law enforcement sources say one of the actor's friends went to check on him and found his body. Police and paramedics responded, and we're told Kristoff was pronounced dead on the scene.

A source close to St. John tells TMZ the actor checked himself into UCLA Medical Center in January for depression issues, and he had just been released a few days before his death. His depression was partially linked to his son, Julian's suicide in 2014. It also seems to be the likely trigger for St. John's heavy drinking at the time of his death.

Around the 3-year anniversary of Julian's suicide in 2017, St. John allegedly threatened to take his own life with a gun, and cops placed him under a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

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