Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Check out Comedy Series ‘190 Lorimer’ from Dustin Knoop

190 Lorimer, a brand new seven-episode original comedy series from writer Dustin Knoop, and produced by Pleasantly Surprised Productions, has officially launched and is available for your viewing pleasure at www.thebestwebseries.com.

The seven-part series unfolds in a Williamsburg Brooklyn condo building with each episode centered on a different resident of the building. Surprisingly, people seem to like it as it was:

* Nominated for Best Comedy Series at the 2018 Indie Series Awards
* Part of L.A. Web Fest Lineup
* Screened at L.A. Comedy Short Film Festival
* Screened at Miami Short Film Festival
* Received the highly sought after Festigious Award

190 Lorimer is produced by Pleasantly Surprised Productions, a New York City screenwriter-based production company.

"I am just glad I could play a small part in addressing the single greatest threat facing our industry, which is a lack of new content. When I heard that Netflix was only producing 700 new shows this year I knew I had to act, and while the 90 minute running time of 190 Lorimer doesn't come close to solving this pervasive problem, at least I can tell my future kids, or someone else's kids in the event I don't have any myself, that when things looked their bleakest, I grabbed a camera and did what I could," jokes Knoop.

Watch the first episode below.

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