Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scripted Soap Opera Podcast 'Gossip' Premieres June 14

The trailer has been released for New York Times bestseller Allison Raskin's new scripted soap opera podcast, Gossip. Gossip centers on three unlikely female friends: Valerie (Indie Series Award winner Victoria Rowell), Mia (Amanda Perez) and Bethany (Allison Raskin). Each week, they meet at the Golden Cup Coffee Corner to drink coffee and share the latest gossip floating around their not-so-traditional suburban town, Golden Acres.

When the juicy stories involve infidelity, secret pasts, and murder, does it even matter if the rumors are true? Each episode will also feature an accompanying comic from New Yorker artists such as Amy Kurzweil, Sofia Warren, Hilary Campbell, and more.

Cast and crew:
Showrunner/Bethany: Allison Raskin (I Hate Everyone But You, Just Between Us)
Valerie - Victoria Rowell (The Young and the Restless, The Rich and the Ruthless)
Mia - Amanda Perez (Don Jon)
Rockin' Robin - Beth Littleford (The Daily Show; Crazy, Stupid, Love)

Karen Heart - Emily Heller
Phil Heart - Kunal Dudheker
Father Williams - Marlon Young
Eliza - Carrie Clifford
Mayor Alice - Rachel Scanlon
Thad - Joe Hartzler
Mrs. Bitterman - Phoebe Dorin
Jonas - Adam Blake
Oliver Alastair - James Murden
Priscilla - Rachel Middleton
Celeste - Tawny Newsome
Mrs. Chong - Toy Lei
Bob - Peter Mackenzie
Florist Martin - Igor Hiller
Barista - Igor Hiller
Jean - Mary Sasson
Richard - Dan Lippert
Kathy - Lilan Bowden
Caitlin - Alexis G. Zall
Penelope - Rachel Middleton
Joanna - Amanda Lund
Francesca - Lilan Bowden
Michelangelo - Jon Gabrus
Larry - Pete Gardner
Ethan - Joe Hartzler
Doctor - Peter Mackenzie
PA System - Mary Sasson
Cop - Adam Blake

Executive Producers: Jenny Radelet and Matt Sadeghian
Producer: Rachel Wolther
Writer: Charla Lauriston

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