Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bath Maitland Returning to 'The Young and the Restless' as Traci Abbott on November 17

Bath Maitland
Emmy winner Beth Maitland returns to CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless as Traci Abbott on November 17.

“Traci has her bucket, her mop and her disinfectant and she’s ready to clean up the mess created by her rich, entitled, ridiculously emotional siblings who overreact to everything,” Maitland jokingly explained to TV Insider. “She’s here to be peacemaker. It’s time to knock off the crap and be a family. These people need to sort things out and love each other, and Traci is the person to make it happen.”

The heart of Y&R, characters like Maitland's Traci are rare on soap operas these days.

“The tides of daytime keep changing,” says Maitland. “We go through periods where it’s all about explosions and times where all they want are young people in bathing suits. I’m just so grateful that every once in a while the soaps swing back to legacy characters and family and relationships. The term ‘moral compass’ is overused completely, but a show needs that grandma or that aunt who represents goodness and hope and heart.”

Maitland will also be prominently featured on December 7 in the first, eagerly awaited script from new head writer Sally Sussman.

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