Monday, July 18, 2016

'Days of our Lives' Spoilers (July 18-22, 2016)

Shawn deals with the aftermath of the explosion.
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Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of July 18-22, 2016.


Monday, July 18
Shawn handles the aftereffects of the explosion; Hope and Rafe's fate is decided; Aiden takes action against Andre; Blanca's past haunts her.

Tuesday, July 19
Shawn continues to search for Hope and Rafe; Maggie confides in Julie; Brady and Theresa address Summer; Hope's condition deteriorates.

Wednesday, July 20
Rafe and Hope continue to be trapped; Rafe has a nightmare; Rafe's feelings for Hope are put to the test.

Thursday, July 21
Hope has a health crisis; Aiden continues to assert his innocence; Brady questions Victor's role in Tate's abduction; Summer pleads with Theresa.

Friday, July 22
Kate leaves the mansion; Deimos asks Nicole for a new beginning; Steve helps look for Tate; Brady and Theresa butt heads.

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