Sunday, April 3, 2016

Frankie Michaels Dead at 60

Frankie Michaels
Francis Michael Chernesky also known as "Frankie Michaels" died on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at his home in Chittenango, New York. He was 60.

Frankie was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut to the late Michael and Mary (Bissett) Chernesky on May 5, 1955.

He was a child actor, dancer, singer and musician. From 1964-1966 he appeared on CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns as Tom "Tommy" Hughes. He also played the character in the primetime spinoff Our Private World.

During his As the World Turns run, Michael also appeared in the Broadway play "Mame" for which he won a Tony Award in 1966 at age 10, a record for the youngest performer to win a Tony Award.

He continued his musical career in clubs and casinos until his death.

Although he largely dropped out of show business as he entered his teens, Frankie performed at a tribute to Angela Lansbury in early 2010 alongside one of his "Mame" co-stars (and former soap actor) Jerry Lanning. Check out a photo here.

Survivors include his son, Michael Lloyd Chernesky, a sister Felicia Hreschak, companion Lucille Bort and close friend Steven Clark.

He was predeceased by his brothers Michael, Robert and Vincent.

Watch Michaels in an episode of As the World Turns from February 1966 sharing a scene with Don Hastings, who played his father Bob.

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