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Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes talks to Elle about power, feminism, police brutality and more
"The entire world is skewed from the white male perspective," says Rhimes. "If you're a woman, they have to say it's a female-driven comedy. If it's a comedy with Latinos in it, it's a Latino comedy. 'Normal' is white male, and I find that to be shocking and ridiculous."

Shonda Rhimes on pushing boundaries on Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder
"I always dispute the concept that we push boundaries. We do not push boundaries. I feel like we play very creatively within the fences that we've always had. I respect the fact that we have these fences. It's a really awesome challenge to do stuff creatively within them. I feel like we have a really good relationship. I don't believe that it's adversarial. We've been working with the same people for years and years and years. They are smart. It's not as if they're out to get anybody. They have a job to do, and we have a job to do. I happen to like debating, and I like to debate like a lawyer, and I can argue any points to death, and I will. But I really do feel like there is an attempt right now, just in general, to maybe push the line back a little bit. I think in our country, we're so oddly puritanical about the wrong things. You literally can shoot someone in the face on television and a 7-year-old can watch it. But you can't show the slight of a man's hip, because dear God, someone might think of sex. And while we all hope our kids grow up to have sex, we do not hope they grow up to shoot someone in the face."

Shonda Rhimes Reveals She Lost 98 Pounds This Year
"I realized I could either spend my life going, 'I wish I could lose weight,' or I could just do it," she said.

While Rhimes used her can-do attitude to achieve her weight loss goals, she admitted to the magazine that it didn't come easy. "Nothing is 100 percent fun all the time," she continued. "But I have never not done something with a pointed focus."

Play the Shondaland Drinking Game
whether you're a Meredith (tequila), an Olivia (red wine), or an Annalise (vodka), sit back with your spirit of choice and take a sip when E!'s predictions come true.

Olivia Pope and the Pope! Extra Was with Kerry Washington in NYC as Pontiff Arrived
"He’s my celebrity crush, Pope Francis, because he is so generous and such a revolutionary," said Washington. "He is so compassionate. I’m not even Catholic, but I just think what he stands for in carrying the message of God -- not being about judgment, but about service -- is really extraordinary."

Empire Is the Most Aggressively Political Soap in TV History
Writes Matt Zoller Seitz: "From the placement of illustrations of pop-culture icons to whom Lucious is presumably an equal (Alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holliday, James Earl Jones) to the continual definitions and redefinitions of blackness, as embodied by the characters' arguments and power-grab schemes, the premiere alone had more to say about the tricky predicament of black entertainers on network TV than any of the think pieces that have been written about Empire since it debuted."

Redaric Williams to star in "Mama's Got a Plan" at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit November 12-15
“Mama’s Got a Plan” is about the behind-the-scenes maneuverings in a church between the son of the minister, his “power-hungry” wife, his ex-con brother who challenges him for leadership of the church, and others. The cast includes several Detroiters — Redaric Williams (ex-Tyler, The Young and the Restless), gospel singer Lisa Page-Brooks, Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and BET’s Tasha Page Lockhart.

The sign of the board at The Rovers Return.
Photo Credit: ITV/Coronation Street
Man claims Coronation Street Live proposal was a prank on his brother
A social media competition to get a message on a chalkboard at The Rovers Return was won by Twitter user @literallyadam and "Katie Lowe will you marry me?" was posted on it for the show.

The same account later revealed she said "yes", but a Twitter user has now claimed he faked the proposal as a prank on his brother.

A user with the account name @BradTheLadLong tweeted a lengthy explanation of the incident with the message: "Truth behind my 'wedding proposal' on Corrie. Sorry Marc and Katie. Pranks go wrong...but we move on."

Stage West opens season with critically acclaimed "Bad Jews" from Richard J. Allen
From 1993 to 2002, he wrote for several daytime soaps, the longest stint being on Days of our Lives. He won two Emmys for writing on As the World Turns. But his master’s degree is in theater, and he says he is happy to return to his theatrical roots.

One Life to Live and Guiding Light alum Taina Elg to share her story at Finlandia
Elg, a Finland-born 85-year-old veteran of screen and stage, will offer folks a behind-the scenes glimpse of her life as a Hollywood star.

Andre Bauth sued by tenants of the building he owns
Actor and Daytime Emmy-winning producer Andre Bauth, who is behind bars on suspicion of attempted murder, was sued Wednesday by tenants of a building he co-owns and co-manages in Hollywood, with the residents alleging the structure is decaying and in violation of numerous health and safety regulations.

Pitbull to produce Miami family drama 305
Written by Sascha Fox logo horizontalPenn (Survivor’s Remorse) and directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), 305 — named after the Miami area code — is executive produced by Miami-born-and-raised rapper Armando Perez, known by his stage name Pitbull.

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