Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NEWS: Eric Braeden, Bryan Dattilo, Sean Kanan, Cady McClain, Melissa Archer, Andrew Trischitta

Eric Braeden
The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden attends Carolina Panthers game, shares opinions on storytelling, getting older, egotistical actors
Below are a few quotes from Braeden's (Victor Newman on Y&R) interview with the Charlotte Observer:

“Our show was more successful than others over the last 29 years because we have tried to make it as real as possible. I hate this phantasmagoric bull----. Life is so interesting. Real-life is so interesting. My God. Just ask a person about their lives, and you say, ‘Whoa.’ So why come up with all these bull---- storylines?”

“I don’t give a s--- about getting older. I really don’t. I feel (great). And that’s why working out is so important. That’s why this is still important: boom-boom-boom. (Braeden throws three quick jabs as he talks). ... I’m 74, I’m proud of it – very proud of it – and will compete along a lot of lines with a lot of people. The only pain in the a-- about getting older is your hips. I have one resurfaced hip.”

“I have met so many actors over the years who’ve said, ‘Without me, this show would be nothing.’ ... And where are they now? Don’t ever assume that without you, the show will go down the drain. Bull----. It doesn’t. Are you kidding? ‘Oh, this can’t be done without so-and-so playing the part. Then they leave and we say, ‘Well, not quite the same, but oh well.’ ”

FOX and Lee Daniels Are Working on Making an Empire Spinoff a Reality
FOX TV Group co-chief Dana Walden tells Vulture that discussions have begun about exactly how to make it happen, explaining that the seeds for the new show could be planted by early next year via one or more episodes of Empire. “If there’s a character … that feels original enough, has enough momentum and enough of a storytelling engine, we will definitely look to spin Empire off for next season,” she said. Said character, Walden added, “would, in all likelihood, appear in the second half of this season.”

Ratings Watch: The Muppets Dips, Grandfathered and The Grinder Open Soft on Week 2 Tuesday Fast Nationals
(8 p.m.) The Muppets 5.8 million // 2.0 rating (Last week 9 million // 2.9 rating)
(8:30 p.m.) Fresh off the Boat 4.8 million // 1.7 rating (Last week 6.1 million // 1.9 rating)
(9 p.m.) Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4.8 million // 1.7 rating (Last year 2.0 rating)
(10 p.m.) Quantico (repeat) 4.2 million // 1.0 rating

(8 p.m.) NCIS 16.0 million // 2.1 rating (last week 18.2 million // 2.5 rating)
(9 p.m.) NCIS: New Orleans 12.6 million // 1.7 rating (last week 12.6 million // 1.7 rating)
(10 p.m.) Limitless 9.6 million // 1.9 rating (last week 9.9 million // 1.9 rating)

(8 p.m.) Grandfathered 5.3 million // 1.5 rating
(8:30 p.m.) The Grinder 4.9 million // 1.5 rating
(9 p.m.) Scream Queens 3.6 million // 1.4 rating (last week 4 million // 1.7 rating)

(8 p.m.) The Voice 13.3 million // 3.6 rating (last week 12.4 million // 3.5 rating)
(10 p.m.) Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris 6.3 million // 2.0 rating (last week 5.9 million // 2.1 rating)

Glee Star Naya Rivera Welcomes Baby Boy
Rivera and her husband Ryan Dorsey have welcomed their first child, Us Weekly reports. The Glee star gave birth to a son last month is Los Angeles.

Bryan Dattilo, Sean Kanan, Cady McClain, Melissa Archer & Andrew Trischitta join web soap Youthful Daze
Bryan Dattilo (Lucas, Days of our Lives), Sean Kanan (Deacon, The Bold and the Beautiful), Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, All My Children), Melissa Archer (ex-Natalie, One Life to Live) and Andrew Trischitta (ex-Jack, One Life to Live) have all been tapped to appear in the upcoming season of the web soap, premiering February 20, 2016. While details of their roles have not been released, the actors have tweeted the names of their characters. Dattilo will be playing Eric, Kanan will be playing cult leader Richie Kingsly, McClain will be playing Aunt Kathy, Archer will be playing Monica Reynolds and Trischitta will be playing Travis.

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