Friday, September 11, 2015

'General Hospital' Spoilers (September 14-18, 2015)

"I've done something terrible to Sam," Liz tells Jake.
Check out the day-to-day spoilers and two sneak peek videos below to find out what's happening on General Hospital during the week of September 14th.


Monday, September 14
Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) share an emotional moment; Michael (Chad Duell) and Morgan (Bryan Craig) face off; Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Franco (Roger Howarth) plot revenge against Ric (Rick Hearst).

Tuesday, September 15
Carly (Laura Wright) must make a critical decision; Sam (Kelly Monaco) reacts to action taken by Jake (Billy Miller); Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) nearly reveals the truth.

Emma, Anna and Sam have a surprise planned for Patrick.
Wednesday, September 16
Dante considers telling Lulu the truth; Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) delivers important news; Scott (Kin Shriner) has a proposition for Ava (Maura West).

Thursday, September 17
Sonny receives an unexpected visitor; Julian (William deVry) asks Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) to come away with him; Ava and Scott discover something unpleasant; Dante shares information with Nathan (Ryan Paevey).

Friday, September 18
A visitor surprises Ava; Paul (Richard Burgi) uses his connections to save Dillon's (Robert Palmer Watkins) shoot; Sam receives something unexpected.

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  1. Liz isn't going to reveal a damn thing! She never will. She's so selfish. As for Valerie, she better not be pregnant via the "worst mistake of Dante's life"! Yikes.

  2. I too will be disappointed if Valerie is pregnant because it's just TOO predictable. It's Soap Opera 101: The more unlikely, inappropriate and random a sexual coupling is, the more likely a pregnancy will result.

  3. Enough fake outs, just tell Jake already.

  4. Liz is so pathetic. We all know she isn't going to tell. Sam is not the only one she is hurting, but at least she is acknowledging that she is hurting her. Ugh! The writers would be smart to end this storyline sooner rather than later.

  5. I will not watch GH anymore if Sonny dies! Don't kill off the best actor on the show!

  6. Sonny won't die and he'll have a full recovery and marry.
    Morgan may be shot trying to kill Julian
    Julian and Alexis may decide to leave PC but Ava will turn on Julia to be released from jail.
    She'll grab Avery and leave town and possibly help Julian too.
    Maxie is too high strung, needs to go visit Georgia.
    Valerie will be pregnant and she may leave town and return at a later date with the baby, who will eventually be discovered as Dante's son. Or she may stay. Dante will tell Olivia about Valerie who will convince Danta to tell Lulu so she won't hear it from someone else. It would be great if Valerie let GH to go to another soap opera. She's poor me and she just doesn't fit in; not a strong personality.She's just not a good fit.Sneaky and self-fish but pretends she's not. Bobbie may figure out she's pregnant.

    Hayden will figure out that the Prince attempted to kill her. This will lead to Shane being realized from prison. Nothing will happen to Nicholas. Spencer needs a new girlfriend. It's getting old watching this triangular relationship.

    Sam will figure out Jake is Jason, and Jake may figure it out at the same time she does.
    They'll get back together somehow. The doc will decide he can't live a life with Sam and her profession or she may decide to walk. Those two aren't a good fit..

    Dillon will be there to comfort Lulu when she finds out about Dante. She's another reason he returned to PC besides to look after his mother. Tracy will probably have a relationship with Dillon's dad and they'll be a happy couple for awhile.

    Any thoughts??

  7. my thought on it is that valary is going to be pregnant like a stupid fool. and I hope nicholas gets what he deserves. nina got her money back, and I have a feeling that sunny is not gonna die. but I officially hate sam for being a B___h. lol. I hope she tells him or he finds out some way. but I think also sunny knows who he is now. just by jake saving him.